The testimonials below are all genuine, honest words from our customers. We hope you find as much success with our products as these customers did!

Testimonials Received

Our horse, Magical Voodoo is on your MagRestore and Focus. “Buddy” placed 10th in Level 1 NRHA DERBY reining in OKC as well as 19th in Level 2 and 3rd in Prime-time. Could not have done this without the help of your wonderful products.

Our business owns Magical Voodoo under the name, Quail Run Reining Horses, LLC .I’m proud to say your products make a big difference in keeping Buddy focused and calm throughout his performances. You make a terrific product. Thank you, Tina Klarin

Tina Klarin

I got my gelding two years ago from a rough situation. He was bursting at the seams with anxiety and acting out, but he’d been living such a hard life that it was understandable. I brought him home thinking that some good nutrition, turnout and training would get him sorted out. I gave him all those things and way more, but he was never able to get his brain on track to function like a normal horse. We made virtually no progress in his training in two years, and he lived with such a high degree of stress about everything in his daily life that I constantly felt bad for him and we were both miserable. He was anxiety ridden at his best and downright dangerous at his worst. I thought about selling him many times when the frustration was too much, but I knew I couldn’t get him into any type of good home with the way he was, and despite all his issues, I didn’t want to give up on him. I tried endless amounts of vets, medications, supplements and training methods, trying to find something that could help him be a happier horse and function normally. He would have a couple of good days here or there and I would get my hopes up, but we always ended up back in the same place at square one. Nothing worked. Everyone told me that it’s simply who he is and he wasn’t going to change, but it didn’t sit right with me. A few months ago, I started him on MagRestore and Focus from Performance Equine Nutrition. He has been on other supplements with magnesium in that didn’t help, but this one claimed to be different, so I gave it a shot. Within a few weeks, I started to see him change. His anxiety level started to drop, his eye started to soften, his reaction time to stimuli started to slow. He is now two months in, and I don’t even recognize him as the same horse anymore. The change in him is unreal, in every aspect of his life, and I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes. I am so thankful to have finally found something that is helping him, and he is a happy horse now. He has made more progress in the last two months since being on MagRestore than he has in the last two years and is learning to relax and enjoy his work. I think he will always be a sensitive type of horse and struggle with certain things, but he is now much more trainable and most importantly, content. I’m over the moon with him! Thank you Carla for all the time you have spent talking to me about how best to help him, and for your product that has changed my horse’s life! Amazing company and product!

Hannah Lintz

I went to the UC Davis horse day last month and attended your clinic on magnesium deficiency, and have been giving my mare the magrestore you gave me since (4-5 scoops per day) and it is working well! There is a noticeable difference in Georgia’s behavior and I am very excited about it!! She barely paces anymore (only at feeding time), has less of a need for cribbing and other vices, and is performing better at my more intense jumping and dressage lessons. I am running low and am going to order some more tonight and remembered I promised to email you the results. Thank you!

-Ruby Stewart McDonald and Georgia Rain

Ruby & Georgia

I have raised and owned a horse thought to have PSSM in some form or another. But tested negative. I have always fed and treated him as such but dealt with many health issues despite my efforts. Constant all over body soreness with the his top line being the worse. Inability to pick up his hind feet for any length of time for the farrier. Spooking at strange things at strange times. Tying Up Resentment to brushing of any kind or blankets. Frettful at times resistance in turning in tight circles.
But after being on MAGRestore a week the difference is unbelievable! Now after a full month for the first time since he was two I can sweat scrap him with out an attitude and resistance! Brushing and and saddling are no longer an issue and he seems relieved! I look forward to see what the future holds for him now. I should note that THIS BULLY RAPS is a top barrel horse at age 10 despite all the issues he deals with!
L.F. Oklahoma

Dear PEN, I’m writing to tell you how completely amazed I am with your MagRestore product! I bought a nine year old 16hh Morgan Sport Horse in March 2016.  He was being sold because after working with him for nearly five years, the woman that owned him felt that he was simply “too much horse” for her and finally gave up.  Having owned a spirited Morgan mare, I thought I could manage him.

When “Atlas” first arrived at our stable, he was completely out of control.  OK, I thought, new home, new surroundings etc, he’ll settle in.  

After a month he was still very high strung.  He always had his head high in the sky and ran circles around me just leading him from his stall or paddock to the arena.  He wouldn’t stand still when tied up to groom or tack.  It appeared that he had very sensitive skin as he would avoid even the softest brushes.  

Although I was told that he was “a bit green” on the trail,” it turned out that he was frightened to death! First came the tail swishing, then he’d freeze up and literally shiver, followed by spinning or backing, but absolutely refusing to go forward. After a couple of months of professional training, he was better behaved but still anxious and very high headed, looking around all of the time, with little focus.  I seriously began thinking that I too “had too much horse.”

Atlas the Sport Horse
A friend told me about MagRestore.  I found you online and it appeared that Atlas’ problem might be a magnesium deficiency.  I purchased MagRestore and I’m not exaggerating when I say that he was a different horse one day after his first loading dose of 3 scoops twice each day!!!  His head came down to neutral, he could be led around the stable, to and from his box, paddock and arena like a gentleman, and started paying attention when being lunged as opposed to looking out of the round pen.  He was much improved on the trail as well.

After a month or so, I reduced his dosage to 3 scoops once a day and within 2 days, he was back to his silly self!  I brought it back up to 6 scoops and within a day he was a gentleman once again.  I have since lowered his dosage to 5 scoops, but he started acting silly again so I put him back on 6 scoops a day, where he stays, and he’s a delight!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  You saved this horse and ME!

Best Regards,

Fred Carr

I purchased a flighty horse and it was a two day trip to get her home. When we unloaded her, it was like trying to hold back two race horses. Birds spooked her, she couldn’t stand to be in the barn, and she even jumped when her grain bucket fell. She just could not settle down and take in that she had a new place to live at.

Gave her Focus Equine and I truly believe that helped settle her down and make the transition of living in a new place. She now stalls and you can leave her tied in the barn all day if you would want, and she thinks before she acts now.

She’s always going to have some spook to her, but Focus Equine really made her calm down so we could build our relationship.
When I start hauling her again in three months, I’m going to be feeding her Focus Equine. Helps her a lot.


Thank you SO much for sending me the month of supplements for Luke. That’s incredibly generous of you and I am so grateful! He continues to progress in huge amounts every day. My trainer has ridden him a handful of times to be sure that we truly have the ‘good Luke’ and then today I got on and rode him. He’s only been under saddle for 10 rides so he’s very green and wiggly, but so relaxed and willing and happy. I’m still in pinch me mode and getting goosebumps every time I see him do something I didn’t think he would ever be able to do. Here’s a photo of me and him from today. Happy happy happy! My other horse that we discussed hasn’t shown any changes yet, but we’re only a week into it so I’m still hopeful!

Thanks so much,

Hannah Lintz

First, thank you for sending my latest order of MagRestore so promptly. Now I can leave for my trip knowing my horses have enough MagRestore while I’m away.

Second, I wanted to relate that 3 weeks on MagRestore has made my Hanoverian (Rotspon) mare so much more rideable, tractable, and pleasurable to ride. She is a big, powerful, often cranky and opinionated girl with magnificent gaits and a heavily muscled body with a cresty neck. People often mistake her for a stallion. When doing flying changes she would often launch herself and take off running into the next state (Iowa or Wisconsin, take your pick) Terrifying to say the least. Now her canter feels not only more fluid and easy but her changes, while having jump, are fluent and she stays in hand. My trainer and I did not thoroughly trust her but since she’s been on MagRestore she has been steady-eddy in her work with no blow ups…the worst is a petulant swish of her majesty’s tail. Even her expression has changed…from guarded and put-upon to goo-goo eyes.

Now you can understand why I regard MagRestore as having performed a miracle on my mare and that I would not dare to be without it!

Thank you for your product, advice, support and GREAT service!

Ever onward,
Evelina C.

P.S. My gelding, for whom I ordered MagRestore in the first place, is steadily improving…not as dramatic as my mare, but I’ll take every bit. I believe his magnesium deficiency had been severe and long-term so I’m giving him plenty of time.

Evelina C.

I switched my mare to MagRestore last June (2016) after seeing no real benefits from another popular magnesium supplement. She had kissing spine surgery in August and has been on 4 scoops of this wonderful stuff daily, not only because of her musculoskeletal challenges, but because of insulin resistance and temperament.

The benefits are obvious! This spring’s insulin resistance test yielded perfect numbers in contrast to last year’s and the fat pads have disappeared. I don’t doubt that MagRestore has also been instrumental in the ease with which she is using her muscles and plugging into the mental focus necessary to do so in a calm, relaxed manner.

I would be remiss were I to overlook Trish in this testimonial. From the start of our journey down the road through surgery and rehab, she has been on the other end of the phone offering genuine support and concern. When my mare returned from the clinic, Trish educated me about the value of magnesium oil, and promptly sent us some to rub on the area where the ligament had been snipped. Months later, when I broke into tears while placing an order when Trish asked how the patient was progressing, she spent many minutes brain-storming strategies in addition to Focus Equine to help convince my extremely opinionated alpha mare that she needed to accept lunging with side reins per doctor’s orders.

As you can see from the pictures that show her at only three months of consistent work under saddle since the surgery, Briomf is benefiting beautifully from MagRestore.

Maria P.

I give your Magrestore to every horse I own. 

A year ago I brought home a very nontrusting and troubled off the track thoroughbred. 
His body was uncomfortable. he didn’t want to be groomed. in general he did not trust humans. He was very reactive and you could not even brush or touch his face. 
This morning I looked up to see the most radiant glowing happy face looking over me at the gate that I’ve ever seen. Magrestore and Focus part of this journey. 
This Horse has truly reinforced that our achievements with horses are not always measured in the height we jump nor the length of the slide but the progress we make in establishing a trusting relationship with our favorite Friend. 
Thank you for the products,service and support you offer. 
Susan E.
Susan E.

In the late summer of 2014 I purchased a 4 year old mare. She had not been started correct and had may emotional issues but I knew that there was something about her that was special. I sent her right away to a trusted trainer and had her put some training on her. She did well in her training and after 3 months I brought her home. I am a barrel racer so that fall I decided I needed to get her out to see the sights and get seasoned in a new atmosphere & that is when I realized that we had BIG behavior issues. She was herd bound, nervous to the point of complete liquid diarrhea, pawing at the trailer, walking & jumping on top of me on the ground and then when it came time to get on her at these new places it was like sitting on a ticking time bomb! She hated being brushed or even touched. She would randomly explode into a rearing and bucking fit and then 10 min later acted like nothing ever happened. I tried every product out there known to man when it came to calmers (total waste of money) NOTHING worked! I contemplated selling her 1000 times worried she would hurt me but the one thing that held me back was my gut feeling & also when she entered into the arena she was a completely different horse she was all about business and was amazing. I always would say its just her age she will grow out of this, boy was I wrong. 2 years later she had an amazing barrel pattern and was ready to enter races but I was so untrusting of when the next explosion would happen I held her back to mature more. Fast forward to this year, I bought more useless calmers, changed her diet, endless vet checks and still random explosive behavior outside of the arena again was holding me back traveling to more barrel races and then I found this product. I called and spoke with Carla and we started the Mag-restore right away, I was skeptical at this point but I figured well its just one more thing I can say I tried 🙂 within 3 days I saw a change in her. She looked calmer and more relaxed when I would leave home to go ride and within 2 weeks on this she was a different horse. I then decided ok lets see if we can enter some races and see if this really works. Wellllllllllll, IT REALLY WORKS! No pawing at the trailer, no nervous diarrhea, stood still tacking up at the trailer, no feeling of explosive TNT under my saddle when I got on, no random explosions, no snorting like a fire breathing dragon and then it happened she went in for her barrel run and I let her go and she placed in the 2D. This is her first year now that I trusted her enough to let her actually run and that she did. I am truly amazed and so grateful that I found this product and I cannot explain how happy it makes me that now I know my mare is completely balanced nutritionally and was a poster child of having a bad magnesium deficiency. We have been competing consistently this summer and she just keeps getting better and better. She now wants me to love on her and now enjoys being groomed. Thru this summer her perfect dose is 2 scoops of Mag-Restore 2x a day and the Focus is added about a week before our races. This combo has been amazing for her. Now it is myself that has to learn to trust her again and if she does have a small melt down it is very small and is over within a few minutes. She is my amazing partner and I have put every ounce of training knowledge I have into her and I am so happy that I never let my fear of her overtake my determination and sell her. I am excited to see what our future together will bring and I will be a forever believer and customer of this amazing product.


We have an AQHA mare that has literally put us through the wringer. Since we purchased her, it has been one downfall after another. When we started her in training, she seemed “off” in her gait. Then her nerves seemed to become an issue. When stalled – she cribbed. Once a nice mare to be around, the further she got into training, the worse she became. Thinking that perhaps she simply wasn’t “prepared” for the stress of training, we basically “put her out to pasture” even though she was a 4-year-old and past the training stage. Maybe she just needed to be a horse a bit longer.

Now with Spring fast approaching, we decided to give her another try. Some days were better than others but she was still very tense, often shaking her head and spooking at invisible “monsters” on the ground! We tried EVERYTHING. Special headgear, blinders, hoods that are designed to calm and block light as well, a few calming supplements, you name it – we tried it! Fancy expensive cribbing collars because she still cribbed.

We were almost to the point of using her only for breeding purposes even though she was so young and extremely athletic, when a friend recommended your product – MagRestore. She said we would have to heavily dose her in the beginning, since she showed so many signs of what our friend thought was a magnesium deficiency. After about three days of feeding the maximum dose twice daily, we noticed she seemed calmer and wasn’t cribbing nearly as much.

Long story short, this mare is back in training and has stopped looking on the ground for “monsters,” has stopped shaking her head, and is back smooth in her gait! We are ASTOUNDED at the difference in her demeanor and we will make absolutely certain to never be out of this effective product!

FYI: We found through experimentation that the powder worked better for our mare than the convenient pellet form, but we have another mare in the recovery stages of EPM and she is showing huge progress with the pellets.


The following videos show our 4 1/2 year-old American quarter horse InvestNme. The first video demonstrates how Non focused and off task she was for my daughter at the first show of the year. The horse is so unfocused and spooked she was not able to participate in any event other than showmanship which was a huge disappointment. After returning from the show we did some research on the Internet and found this wonderful product.

InvestNme has been on the magnesium for one month now, two scoops per day. As you can see in the second video that I have attached this was her second show. Wow what a difference. She was able to be shown in six events and was a completely different horse. The magnesium has been a total difference maker in her focus, temperament and overall trainability. We give this product five stars and actually now seven horses at our barn are now on a daily regimen. I am now a true believer.

– Nathan Myers

Sorry I took a while to write this!  I had talked  to Carla about my barrel horse having “Thumps” which is equine hiccups! I thought I was doing everything right! Thumps is usually a calcium,potassium and magnesium deficiency! I  never thought he needed magnesium! But, that was exactly what he was lacking! He is absolutely a totally different horse! He no longer has thumps! He is feeling really good! We are running fastest times we have ever run in different arenas! Pulling checks and I am just so happy he’s feeling better! Carla is not only knowledgeable and sweet but she truly cares about your horses well being! She’s not trying to sell you a product she really cares! Everyone keeps asking what I’ve done different and I tell them to contact Carla! Thank you Carla for everything! You and your products are amazing! This is only the beginning!  Sal Caruso and PM Handfull of Cash aka “Gambler”

Sal Caruso

MagRestore rocks! Why? Because it was part of the protocol that got my EPSM horse back into full work. Long story short – my Irish Sport Horse and I have been eventing partners for over 10 years. In 2014, his body conditioned declined and staying in the canter was impossible for him. He struggled to depart then it was 4 beats. I could only work him for 20 minutes realizing he was so uncomfortable… but he wasn’t lame in the traditional sense (e.g. tendon/ligament/bone). I was considering retiring him…

I contacted Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center for help. Blood work showed elevated CK levels and many blood parameters where out of range. Muscle biopsy EPSM type 2 performed as well as genetic testing (EPSM type 1). Consulted with Dr. Valberg… result = both tests were negative. However, Dr. Valberg has a theory that there is a third type of EPSM that has not yet been identified. The protocol she prescribed was following the EPSM diet: low starch/high fat diet, L-Carnatine, adding Magnesium.

I did my research and found that MagRestore was the most bio-available and the addition of Malic acid is an added bonus for it’s ability to help remove toxins. Lastly, my horse is a picky eater and prefers pellets over powder. A win-win-win all around for him!

Within one month the change in him was astounding. Sounds too good to be true and I would have been suspicious it if I hadn’t seen it myself. My horse could canter again, with impulsion, a clear 3-beat gait. And he was willing to do more; he was happy again. I’ve been feeding him the MagRestore for a year now – AM and PM. He is fit, happy, able to work for 60 minutes easily. I truly believe that the majority of performance horses need additional Magnesium to support muscle function. I now think of “body soreness” very differently and look suggest to other horse owners to consider adding Magnesium (MagRestore) to their horses diet.

Thank you PEN for being a part of bring my horse back to health!

Sincerely – Lora (and Davey the ISH)


Hi Carla,
Just placed another order for your MagRestore and thought I should touch base with you on how much I appreciate your product.  Nicky has been on MagRestore for two years and I don’t even need to increase his dosage when traveling to shows or clinics.
One of the biggest stresses in his life was trailering.  He would have a complete meltdown if in the trailer alone and once I hauled him with another horse, he was the easiest and most relaxed hauler.  Last winter I lost the other horse that I had been competing with Nicky.  I decided that after traveling thousands of miles over the past several years that perhaps Nicky could accept traveling alone.  We spent the winter taking short journeys where he progressively became more and more relaxed about being in the trailer solo.  When I started, he was anxious, but no meltdowns. 
When I first was in contact with you and ordered the MagRestore, you included a 7 day trial of Focus.  I had never tried the Focus but when getting ready for his first long haul, I added it to his feed a few days in advance.  He became more relaxed and focused and traveled very well.  This carried over to his performances where he is now one of the more settled horses at the show.  He can now transfer from warm-up to the dressage ring and perform better than before.  The difference is very noticeable and I keep receiving comments on how much Nicky has finally grown up and matured and settled.
This spring I was visiting a friend who has a nice horse but had stopped competing.  The horse was always anxious and inconsistent mentally, even at home.  She was familiar with Nicky and I told her about your product and how it made a difference with him.  I gave her your contact information but didn’t know if she would actually give your product a try.  About 6 weeks later, I received a text from her thanking me for giving her your information.  Last weekend at a competition, I ran into her and she was competing!  She was over the moon with the results your product has made with her horse and it was fun for me to hear her excitement because I know the feeling.
Thank you!!

Over the past year, I had been having more and more trouble with my mare, Indy – she wouldn’t take my leg, fought the bit (every bit), wouldn’t stand still for mounting, and then often refused to move once I was on. Once she did move, she lunged forward or scrambled (like a car stuck stuck in park) and then didn’t want to just walk. I tried tack changes, outside training, Depo, and trying to ride her down. Nothing was working and she was so tense it felt like it was all she could do not to explode. A simple tack change would completely lock her up and she would stand like a giraffe with her head stuck way up in the air. Even in the stall or out in the field, her muscles were rock hard, and she was practically holding her breath. I could not ride her anymore – she was so frazzled and felt unsafe. I am thankful she is a sweet horse.

After only a few days on MagRestore, she was walking off quietly, snorting happily, and has since turned back into my old horse again. Even if she’s excited about something, she walks off quietly and her movement is free again – all of the “stuck in park” behavior is totally gone. I just went to a large trail event and she was outstanding, and the people who knew the trouble I’d been having couldn’t believe the change.
MagRestore has made a huge impact and I tell everyone about it.



Love the products. Horse did so well at last show he qualified to go to Oklahoma. We are going! Thanks for your great products. They really work.

Bettina Klarin

Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. I’m sorry I don’t remember the names of the two women I spoke with a few months back, they reassured me about the Focus equine. Which I’m super pleased with. I’ve included a link the the video of the CCI* in which Tag and I completed in 29th out of 58. We have our sights set on the CCI** in June at Bromont and hopefully the CCI*** at Fair Hill in October of 2016. Thank you again for such wonderful products as Magrestore and Focus. I know they have helped Tag be at his level best because of them.

Erin Pullen

THANK YOU!!! I know for certain that your products helpedDiane-Wolfe save ‘Hitch’ and allowed us to become a true team. You helped us when I had no idea where to go or what do to help him. You were able to determine what he needed help his tremors, flinching when I brushed him, and his general ‘grumpiness’. Hitch has been a different horse since starting your products! We’ve now qualified 2 years in a row to the NRCHA World Championship Show.  THANK YOU CARLA and Performance Equine.


heather-rodneyPaddy was a ROCK STAR this weekend! Hunter flat classes on Saturday with 3rd and 4th place ribbons (not too shabby for being a dressage horse…hahaha) and scores of 63.437 and 64.375 on Sunday in our dressage tests! MagRestore/Focus Equine was the absolute key to the successful weekend! THANK YOU!


JUST WANTED TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU. My horse has showed such a great improvement I can hardly believe it. He was so sore that he could hardly pick up a hoof . Well not anymore. He is bouncing around and feeling like a youngster. Thank you so much!


Nikko is a new man! I cannot begin to tell you how happy Nikko is since starting your MagRestore products! His collected work, piaffe and passage are stupendous! Going in a double bridle now and very comfortable! Coat looks better, attitude is great. Down side…he has completely outgrown his custom Revere saddle. He has changed in every way in a positive way. His musculature, coat, hooves and attitude have become that of a horse half his age! Thank you so much.

Robert Kelley

I am just so overwhelmed by the changes I have seen in only 2 days on MagRestore. I truly was only a phone call away from from putting my mare down. She was truly like dealing with a devil- it was like she was completely out of her mind. She is now the sweet mare I knew she could be. Her entire demeanor has changed, her eyes are soft, her muzzle relaxed, she is even walking different. She even wanted to groom me as I was touching her, something I have to be very careful with but I needed to show her that I trust her again. She was very gentle about it. Thank you so very much. For anyone out there that wants to give up please give this a try, it truly is a miracle. God bless you, you have been an angel for us!

Martina Meyerhoeffer

So here’s an update on Harmony…I’ve had her back on the Focus Equine steady for about 3 weeks now. No huge change in the first 1.5 weeks but then I started to notice her not holding onto her spook as much and relaxing through her body quicker. Last Sunday she was a little spooky but a lot more malleable through her body. Managed to get into her more with the ride and ask for more with the lateral work. Last Monday, we had a lesson and she was absolutely flawless. Complete night and day difference from the nightmare she was the week before where we needed to throw a running martingale on her to help me out because she was pulling and spooking and just being miserable. Following last Monday, she ended up having 4 days off so when I went to ride her yesterday I was expecting a spooking rodeo – especially at the back door where she ALWAYS spooks…even after being worked for an hour. Well, yesterday she didn’t put a foot wrong. I was on and off in about a half hour and she was quiet and had her head down and was trotting around like a fancy quiet hunter horse. Even the trainer commented on how fancy she looked. Today I was curious if we would get 2 good days in a row (usually rare because we never know what version of Harmony is going to come out of the stall). Any ways, today she went in the arena and started out nice and quiet. Even my friend was watching and she actually ordered some product from you for her horse and her statement today, and I quote “Wow, Harmony usually has about 10 explosions by now”.


Needless to say, I think we have a winner. The Focus Equine has not taken the spook 100% away but it has definitely made it much more manageable. Like she will look at the object and I’m able to get her attention back much easier and have her settle. Also, if she does spook, she doesn’t hold a grudge about it and lets it go and settles much faster. This past week has been awesome so hopefully this is a continuing trend in the weeks/months to come! I currently have her on just shy of a scoop/day divided between 2 feedings. I’ll probably experiment down the road and she if she can go on less.

I just wanted to let you know and feel free to use any of what I write as a testimony 🙂

Jennifer W.

courtney and cheeseI am sorry it has taken me so long to put this in writing but THANK YOU so much for all your advise and support! Thank you for taking the time to share your extensive knowledge of the nutritional defects our performances horses have and how it effects them physically and mentally.

Thank you for your help with “Cheese” Because “Cheese” is such a good boy and incredibly broke the changes were subtle. Before your help and advise Cheese was stiff and would fall out of lead in his large fast circles and miss his speed control. He also stocked up in his stall. Since he has been on his “Special Mix” of joint supplements with extra HA and MSM and added Magnesium he is is softer to ride and stays in lead, nails his speed control and is no longer stocking up in his stall. You can sure tell if he has missed getting his supplement, he became tight in the back and stocks up in his stall!

Thank you for your help with “Wrangler”. Before MagRestore and Focus he would grab the bit and take off for no reason towards the end of his ride. Since we put him on the Mag Restore and Focus he is no longer cramping up and taking off and he has a much more trainable mind.

Thank you for your help with my husband and getting him on Magnesium. Since we added Magnesium to his supplements he too has a much more trainable attitude (kidding)! Seriously since getting the Jigsaw Mag it has really assisted helping him breath along with the COPD meds he takes. He is able to recovery faster after activity and sleeps way sounder. He no longer wakes up and needs his inhaler. In fact, he only uses his inhaler on occasion now.

Most Important Thank you!!! for being an incredible friend!

“If God brings me to it he will bring be through it” -Sheree Yohey

Courtney Yohey & Imasmartlittlecheese (AKA Cheese)

sisafter0In the five months I have owned my mare I have never seen a pleasant expression on her face while being groomed. That is until today. She stood calm and relaxed, and even groomed me back when I scratched her withers. None of her performance improvements have lifted my spirits as much as witnessing a happy horse today. Thank you so so much Performance Equine USA and  Carla for giving me the tools to help this special mare!

sm20131004-gemTHIS JUST IN: I just want to send you an update to let you know that the clinic was a huge success for my mare.     I have continued MagRestore for her 3sc x 2/day. 5 days before the clinic I started the Focus. On ride days, a little mag Oil on her neck and back. She was great. Even off the Focus now, she’s been pretty consistent throughout more rides. Yay! I was finally able to ride her through an ENTIRE First level test 3 last week WITHOUT any hiccups from her – no running, no ‘taking over’, very little stress if any. I’ve noticed that as long as her turnout isn’t stressful, her work is good when I ride her. I’m trying to work with the barn folks to continue to promote the ‘happy’ Gem. Thanks so much for patiently answering my questions over the past year. Hope to continue down this path and maybe some day I’ll be able to back off the MagRestore a bit.

Brief History – I bought Val in February of this year. She is a coming six year old Andalusion mare. She is brave, very forward and sensitive. Team Val, meaning me, our trainer and Val’s fans have always loved and respected her for that.

However, this spring her tension increased considerably. Val’s CIF aka “Constant Internal Fire” was burning out of her control. We had decreased her grain to a handful. I had put her on ulcer meds in case that was causing it. I know that the green grass has loads of sugar but I just knew instinctively it was something else. She never got stupid or spooky like a sugar high. Nor was she acting hormonal stupid. (There has got be some advantage to having decades of experience along with the decades of age that go along with it —lol.)

So after a particularly “forward and tense” ride (Trainer rode and I watched) both trainer and I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t normal or fair for Val. All she did on that ride was walk and trot. The ride was 20 minutes and Val never relaxed at all. She was sweating profusely and it did not match the work done. The trainer was always calm and never forced anything. I could see it in Val’s eyes that she didn’t want to be like that way but she couldn’t physically help the tension or “forwardness”. It wasn’t mental other than the stress of what her body insisted she do. I also didn’t get the sense that it was a “traditional” pain issue.

After that “ride” the trainer and I had agreed that Val was not going to be worked until we had a solution. We were not going to do anything to damage her very special sweet nature or her body.

The trainer recommend we try Regumate because it does help some mares with tension. I said of course I would do that but —- I had been doing extensive research and that I had read many, many anecdotal recounts about a supplement called MagRestore for a magnesium deficiency. Val’s “symptoms” matched many of the symptoms associated with a magnesium deficiency. One of the most interesting things I learned was that calcium depletes magnesium in the body. So it made sense that the CALCIUM rich spring grass was causing a real problem and why it got so bad this spring. Also all horses’ burn magnesium at different levels and horses like Val will burn through it at a greater rate. So I told my trainer that was going be the first thing we tried.

Although we were not working her I started doing in hand with her. Walk, halt some leg yields etc. Whatever she could do comfortably. I did this so I had some kind of “compass” of how she was feeling physically and emotionally. It also gave us something we could do together where focus without physical exertion was the goal.

When we started doing the work in hand (before MagRestore) Val could not comfortably do a leg yield. I would ask her to cross over and tap her gently with the whip and her reaction was to lean into the whip. Not move away. I have never had a horse do that before. So work in hand was walk, halts and large circles. All mixed in with lots of love and treats of course.

Val was on a loading dose of MagRestore for 4 days before I gently asked again for a leg yield in hand. I knew that she was much less tense so I wanted to see how she was feeling. She did it without any hesitation at all. No big deal. Needless to say I was thrilled.

Val was on 10 days of the MagRestore when I got on her for the first time. She was a different horse. I had done the in hand work first and she was happy, stretching across her topline and supple. When I got on her back she did the same thing. Very happy to stay stretched with an open throatlatch.

I asked the trainer to ride her a few days later. I wanted to watch and get her feedback. She could not have been more pleased and happy. Val’s new “happy place” to work is stretched across her topline with an open throatlatch. She kept a steady rhythm and just moved beautifully along. The only time she would “lift her shoulders” was a slight lift for a re-balancing of herself. Not the dramatic Spanish Walk lift she would exhibit before.

It has been 5 weeks and she continues to be this new “Happy Val” and of course I am over the moon
Thank you again for this “High Anxiety” thread.

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried the Mag-Restore and the Focus and my mare has made a 360 deg turn-a-round. She used to get so nervous before our barrel run and would not go in the gate without running backwards and washing out. Plus she would be so upset/mad that she would literally stomp her feet around the barrels. She now does not get nervous and enters the arena without any fuss now. What a blessing!! Thank you so much


Wonderful! I have to tell you that it made a notable difference for my TB Forrest. He seems alot more at ease with the world and able to accept training more readily. And as for my 10 year old daughter and the Jigsaw…there are NO words. It has done her a world of good. I see that you now sell it. Good to know! Thank you SO much.


Wanted to thank you for your Mag Restore…I have all 3 of my horses on it now…big improvement in their endurance, attitude, and muscle tone. I do craniosacral and postural corrective work, and the mag restore really helps the horses relax and accept the work. Great for my 23 y/o mare who loves her salt soaks after a long dressage lesson. The quality is so fine that I ordered some for myself!


He is better about being brushed (he’s normally very squeamish as he seems “thin-skinned”), I have taken him out on trail rides with NO OTHER horses with us, and birds flew up all around us and he didn’t even flinch. When he was on four scoops a day, he was falling asleep on the cross -ties — even when I put the saddle on and girthed him up – normally he looks unpleasant and tries side-passing or walking forward. He stood perfectly still.

Thank you so much, Carla! You have no idea how low my confidence had been lately with my horse. Sheriff has very studly behavior. I used to have to lounge him before every ride just to make sure he had his kinks out (although I have never fallen off of him, he has been known to randomly go on a bucking spree once in a while), and never in a million years would I ride by myself! Within a week, my confidence has soared, and I have gotten on him without any lounging without any problems whatsoever. I wish I would have tried this before spending so much money on other well-known calm remedies. I will definitely be continuing to purchase this miracle stuff 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!

Exclusively Shergar aka Pete is a 10 year old TB gelding. He has never been raced and has always been a barrel horse. We bought him because he was “supposed” to be so gentle a kid could ride him slow and then an adult could do 2D times on him. He was “supposed” to stand tied for hours and be able to walk under him, stand on his back etc. Well when we got him home the first thing he did was run away. Then the rearing, striking when lead and bucking started. He would literally go down on his knees when saddled, then wander around the arena and if you tried to get him to do anything he would rear or crow hop. Then he started pulling back when tied to the point of throwing himself and passing out. He was getting so dangerous we considered putting him down. He went to a trainer last year and this year for 45 days. This last time she said he was “not right in the head” and that he was not to be trusted “as he would panic and forget there were humans around him.” She had him adjusted and so had I several times, put him on smartpak Calm and Cool which helped slightly. Right before he came home I remembered a video about a horse on focus on YouTube. Took the Magnesium Deficiency test and thought “my god that’s my horse” and ordered MagRestore and gave 2 days 2 scoops in a.m. only and he is now safe, sane, eager to please. 2 days home on a trail ride at dusk he was so slow we had to wait up for him! Passed Harleys, a car pulling a boat, other horses at dusk NO PROBLEM! I gave him a bath (usually freaked out), cleaned his sheath (last yr. he was sedated and still kicked vet) wormed him (it usually takes 2 people and a struggle) and NO PROBLEM. My daughter is ready to try barrels on him again. Thank you soooo much for this product. Ordered the big bucket and am starting her other barrel horse (blowing barrels) and my 2 very hot Paso Finos on it. Gave my 20 year old Paso 2 scoops one morning just to see and that night he rode like a dream for the first time in months. Alone and flat footed walk yes! can’t say enough about this video coming soon!!

Jackie Smith

Jill wrote: “About 3 years ago, I put Mingo on a 10 day course of Robaxin in the hopes of freeing up her ultra tight muscles. It did absolutely NOTHING! It didn’t even calm her like it does other horses. When I discovered Carla Odetto and Performance Equine, that is when I realized my mare was mg deficient and that more than likely gave birth to a mg deficient filly. Both mares will never be without MagRestore. Mingo is coming off an accident where she put one foot in the grave – lol! She literally walked over my old horse’s grave and sunk down over 2 feet with her right front. Her pecs/ascending and descending pecs are really messed up. In addition to MagRestore, she is also getting twice daily massages with Performance Equine Magnesium Oil. Keep up the good work, Carla! You are our lifesavers! 🙂

I couldn’t be more proud of how he has shown my horses (virtually) to the World. Both the Appaloosa Nationals and World Shows were web cast and everyone from around the globe saw my horse with Zane Haverty in the saddle….was at the 2011 ApHC National Show in Tulsa. In the pretty blue shirt, Zane is at the 2011 World Show in Ft. Worth. They were tough classes with some outstanding young horses sired by the best stallions in our industry and Zane Haverty made my young stallion, Gay Bars Silver, shine!!!

These great horses were using Focus Equine and MagRestore keeping them mentally and physically balanced to compete at a high level of performance.

JakeSummer2011First, I cannot begin to describe the difference in the amount of sweating there is. Jake was an excessive sweater from day one. Summer and winter, just 15 minutes would produce a lathered horse, and I promise – he was fit! Now, he still sweats when we work, but my GOODNESS has it decreased! A hard workout produces a healthy lather between his haunches, on his flanks, neck, and ears – but not the foamy, dripped, exhausted looking gelding I used to get. I was shocked that over two days at the Doug Payne clinic, jumping at our current max height for two hours straight, my horse was not only NOT the sweatiest for once, he was one of the least lathered and winded. He looked GREAT! I have included a picture of him from a year ago twenty minutes into a hunter pace (we were mostly just trotting on even terrain, note how sweaty he is – don’t mind my silly face), and a picture from the clinic in mid December where we had already been mostly cantering and jumping for two hours, on the second day of the clinic.

JakeClinic1The second major change in my horse is his focus and confidence. I have a more confident partner approaching fences, and when learning new things on the flat. He is able to work for longer periods of time, and gets better and calmer as we progress, not hotter. He doesn’t get quite as defensive, if that makes sense, when he thinks he gave me an incorrect answer. He is easy to refocus, and stoic about potentially “scary” situations. He has always been pretty stoic, but not always so easy-going. He just seems more relaxed.

Amy E.

Last summer I started my mare Bella on the MagRestore, she has improved greatly in all aspects, easier to groom collect, etc. She has never been an easy girl to clip, always a fight.. Yesterday I decide it was time to get that bridle path under control again, so I pulled out the new clippers Santa brought for x mas, she dropped her head! To make a long story short, she is now body clipped! I never thought I could get that done w/o a tranquilizer! She was even making happy faces during the session!! Thank you for the happy mare!

This horse is back to brilliant! Thank you so much for your help.. I will not be without MagRestore!


I started my son’s heading horse a month ago on Focus Equine and we are just amazed at the change in his attitude. He was a very nervous horse and could only run a few steers on him before he would just be pouring sweat (even in the winter) Now he is so calm and relaxed and really focused on his job. They have placed 3rd at the last two rodeo’s and are really looking like a team! I am so impressed with the product that I am starting my young horse on it for more focus and my sons heel mare so she won’t be so nervous in the box! Also just ordered the Magnesium chloride Mineral bath, thanks Performance Equine USA making a product that really let’s a horse work to its full potential!

I truly could go on and on about how much my mare has changed, thanks to your products. I brought her home in April and she had never be worked outside before(broken and started in the quiet confines of an indoor) She was so stressed about living in Suburbia and would barely stand still long enough to eat her hay. Fast forward to now- she is fabulous-very little phases her , and she no longer stands in high alert mode. I am able to ride her outside of my ring and around my property.She feels like a mature horse, and not a four year old! Today I had a backhoe and a dump truck here to remove my manure pile and was able to work her while both were in action. she literally walked right up to the immobile backhoe and just stood there like it was an every day sight. I cannot imagine life without Performance Equine!!!
Enormous Thanks! 🙂


My 6 year old mare has been much more focused in her work and she has also gained considerable confidence since she’s been on MagRestore. She was a lot more spooky before and she often became anxious during training sessions since she was not sure what was expected of her. She now takes it all in stride and when she hears something in the bush, she just listens but carries on working. She is also a very easy keeper but she has lost weight and even though she is getting more hay now, she hasn’t gained it back again which is a good thing. I have just put my Hanoverian/TB mare on this product as well since she has always had tight muscles and she is very spooky. After 1 week on the loading dose, she doesn’t jump out of her skin anymore and she is less sensitive to being touched and brushed too. I love your products and my mares are truly benefiting from them!

I love Focus and MagRestore! For the first time in a long time I am able to brush, bathe, and clip my horse without him flinching. He actually loves to be brushed. But most importantly my horse is able to make a run and focus on his job as a barrel horse. I truly believe in both of these products.

Focus Equine has been a Godsend! Our very lovely, but very tense Hanoverian mare is getting ready for her Mare Performance Test. She has a somewhat hot, tense nature. Focus has helped her settle down and get to work! Her rideability has been greatly enhanced, using Mag-restore and Focus Equine!

Focus Equine has taken my passed around, spooky, un-willing barrel horse to the 2010 CCBRCA first place winner and has even moved him up into the 2D. A quieter, nicer, more well behaved horse, that is now a joy to ride and compete on.

I have been using Mag restore and Focus Equine for about 6 months and LOVE them both! Focus has helped my 5 year old mare turn from a fire breathing dragon (both on and off the ground!) to a quite, docile and willing horse. I Love this product!

I love FOCUS and use it on my 4 y/o accident prone gelding who is on month 3 of paddock rest. Before I started giving him the FOCUS, I would come home from work to a new cut or swelling that he somehow managed to do to himself despite my best efforts to pony proof his paddock. Since he’s been on the FOCUS though, he has had no new injuries and is safe and quiet to handle on the ground even with being out of work and being a young rambunctious horse. Thank you Performance Equine USA for a great product to help with this down time instead of having to use sedatives. ♥

I have been using mag restore for about 2 months. I have tried focus and love it too. My crabby not willing to go alone horse has completely changed. He is very pleasant and much happier. I wish I would have tried this over a year ago!

Focus is great…..has assisted in over 3000 miles on a fellow who is racey and spooky–all at once! It really keeps his mind on the work.

Got the mag and lip balm within a few days of our phone call. Thank you so much. I put my cranky TB mare (20) who is pregnant on the mag and she seems very docile now. maybe she’s always had a deficiency??? My 3 1/2 year old warmblood filly is on the mag and every 2 days focus and is doing splendidly. Thank you for such wonderful products and excellent service.


I’ve had two great rides on my super hot horse Radar, away from the house down to the back property where the bear trail is. No spooking or bolting for home. AND he is liking the soft rubber curry, actually leaning into it rather than wiggling away. Today my husband fired up the air compressor (barn & shop connected) while I was trimming Radar’s hooves, and he didn’t even flinch. I’m definitely feeling & seeing a difference. The real test will be the three hour trailer ride over the mountains and 4 days camping. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

Kellie Rahm

Very pleased with the dramatic results from this product. I’d tried Uckele’s Mg supp before and nothing changed. The Performance Equine MagRestore product is one my horse is STAYING on! A.S.

The difference in my lil mare Abbey is amazing! Her whole temperament has changed so much, before practicing at home was miserable! Now she thinks, I can actually walk a pattern, and she is just so much better even at the race. Before she would get so worked up, turn herself into a panic an then get mad, now she thinks, and if she gets upset comes right back down to normal. my moms gelding was the same, the improvement in him is just as great! My father trains them and he couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much! take care I’ll keep in touch!

Nicole D.

Thank you so much for all the help with my horses and magnesium supplements.

My Andalusian ‘Reyna’ is so much better because of it. The attacking other horses and getting attached to other horses is way better. Now I just have to remind her ‘we don’t do that’.

I have down loaded the info for another lady on the team who owns the Thoroughbred that Reyna gets attached to because she is out of control especially from the ground. She rescued this horse and the horse loves her but has NO respect and Cathrine needs to learn how to do that. But, if she put her on this and got her off the grain it would be so much better and maybe mixed hay not alfalfa. AND FOCUS too.

So hopefully I can be convincing enough to get her to order this and feed properly and she will be safe.
I love you guys, THANKS with all my heart.

Lyn Spees

Layla was insistent that I curry her with all of my weight pressed into her – even on her flank and the lower back behind the saddle where she used to spasm and quiver if you pretended to touch her. She used to swish her tail and only liked her neck and shoulders scratched. ♥ your magnesium. And thank you for the free pound you sent my boarder, Chrissy. She saw such an amazing difference in her horse. He ran out before she ordered more and 4 days off of it, he was back to pacing and wouldn’t come in to eat, just gallop around the field, circling the stall, etc. It arrived today (thank god) and I see she ordered the bigger bag. I think shes sold. 🙂

Romeo is doing extremely well! He has been on the 3 scoops for 10 days now. Today he was extremely calm, quiet… even when standing in his stall alone with no other horses in the barn! He stood in one spot and did not turn in circles like usual. I could actually put polo wraps on all 4 legs without chasing after him! He just seems all around more comfortable in his skin.

The other thing I have noticed is that he has had virtually NO headshaking since about a week after starting the MagRestore (he is a photic headshaker). Typically it’s pretty bad by now. He was shaking before starting the MagRestore but now it is almost 100% gone (knock on wood!). It is also usually worse with work, but I have been working him w/t/c on the lunge and he has had absolutely no issues 🙂 The only thing that has changed is the MagRestore so I am assuming it is helping!

We took a video of him a few days ago being calm on the lunge with no headshaking. Hopefully we’ll get it put together soon so you can check it out 🙂 It’s very exciting for me!
I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found this product and to have your help! I feel like I have my horse back 🙂


I want to tell you, after puttin my mare on the Magnesium, she is a completely different horse. Most days, I was really put out with her after riding, and you could forget working her on the barrels. I can say, I haven’t been mad at her at all since the Magnesium got in her system :)))). I was going to sell her this year, because I was really tired of her crap and find me something else. I think she will be staying for awhile, she has completely calmed down, (on occasion she will get upset) I can work her on the barrel pattern, and she is really trying to work.

Melinda Donnell

Pamela wrote:
“Carla I wanted to let you know how great the Magnesium is working on my horses. My Oldenburg mare has been soooo flinchey even with a light touch. After almost a month when I run my hand on her neck, shoulders, back and EVEN her belly she is not flinching!!! Wow. My TB gelding used to pin his ears in his stall when I got near him to touch him. But not yesterday! He was not nearly as defensive. I think it surprised him that he didn’t have to be on the defensive. It’s a huge change in both of them. Thank you so much for this incredible product!!!!”
I wanted to send a quick note over to thank you for your help. I have a 15 year old PSG/I1 dressage horse that I was having some trouble with. On turnout, he was a mess. He would pace, panic, run, and would dig a trench so deep along the fence line we continually had to repair and refill the dirt. It got so bad I was at the point of looking to get some type of pasture companion just for him. (There are other horses turned out next to him, but they do not share a fence line). I was skeptical when I put him on the MagRESTORE, because the last thing I wanted to do was to have him on “another supplement”. So unless I could see a noticeable difference within the 10 days I was going to pass. Day 6 of him being on the MagRESTORE, I turned him out in the pasture he gets the most upset in. I watched him pretty much all day and he did not run, pace, panic, not once. I was amazed..I kept waiting for him to start. One of my other horses would come up screaming to him at his fence line running and bucking and my 15 year old would respond back and then would go about eating grass. I am still in shock at how much this supplement has helped him. Thanks again!


I have six horses; an 18 yr old OTTB, a 17 yr old Selle Francais, a 16 yr old Holsteinor, a 14 yr old Hannoverian, a 16 yr old Appendix QH, and a 12 yr old Hannoverian. They were all either given to me or I paid very little, as all were lame and unrideable. They are all doing great, are sound, rideable, and quiet. They all responded to the mag supplement; I noticed softer backs and lower heads. The OTTB was absolutely dramatic. He is an insecure horse and often paces in the pasture calling his friends, and fusses in the cross ties. He responded to the 10 mg nightly scoop of mag. When I added a morning scoop, within two days he was so quiet I took his temperature. For the first time ever, I had to go get him in the pasture. Even in the dark, and when he was the only horse out. This would have previously had him calling and running. It is pretty crazy. I have since experimented by withholding that morning dose and he is always obviously more restless. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would not have believed it.

Abby Kogler

Haverty Ranch Update: Liz marked a 217.5 on Whodini and was second in level 1 and 2 NP. Zane did well on his horses. He marked a 214 on Who Whiz Who and a 216 on Marloe Reimer’s RR Star Gun. He was in with some pretty tuff competition, and placed in the bottom of the level 1 and maybe level 2 divisions. We have 3 horses on the Magnesium product. It seemed to really help two of them. The third we going to try on Focus. We have an older gelding on FOCUS. It seemed to help him last weekend. Our rookie showed him and was second out of 40 or so horses. We are leaving him on it for the show this weekend. I think the Flex EZ is helping Zane’s old horse.

Shevin Schwartzenberger and Haverty Ranch

I have a 7 yr old gelding that has all the talent in the world but somewhere down the line before I got him, his little mind got rattled. I sent an email to Performance Equine asking questions, I immediately got a call back and was given undivided attention with my concerns. Loved the customer service. So much information and care! I purchased a 7 day supply and have had absolutely amazing results. These company really cares about getting your horse back to where it needs to be and not about making a buck! Even sent me a free chap-stick in my order and it is really good!

C. Hall

Sending this note for you to know that my filly is a completely different horse using the Focus. Without your product she would be a handful and training would be difficult. I feel confident she is going continue to advance as long as we attend to her needs and keep the Focus supplement available. Thank you for such a life changing product. You and your products are the best.

Thank you
Ward Heid ~ Western Legacy Sales, LLC, Iconoclast

Ward Heid

I just purchased a bag of MagRestore for my barrel horse. He is cranky when you brush him and is always back sore. He will buck when you stand next to him and press on his back. After 2 days, he is pleasant to be around and no more trying to buck or kick when you check for back soreness. YAY! I can finally relax and brush my horse with out upsetting his world. Love this stuff! (so does Mouse)

pic3I have been meaning to write to you for some time now. I just wanted to thank Performance Equine for the fine products, and you for your personal help and knowledge you have passed on to us. Our granddaughters, Cassie and Kylie Ward, are doing most of our competing now, and they have four horses on Performance Equine products. youree1We have some of the horses that are getting ready for the futurities on Flex EZ as a prevention. The girls have a sixteen year old roping horse that has been crippled for three years, they could not practice on him, and only ponied him to keep him in shape for the breakaway roping. We put him on Flex EZ, and now they are practicing on him and winning on him. We thought he was through, but thanks to Flex EZ he is good to go again. We also have a mare that was getting to anxious going in the alley, it was taking the run away from her, at your suggestion we put her on Focus and Magnesium. She is a perfect doll going in the arena now. I truly feel that your knowledge of horses and Performance Equine has made a tremendous difference in the way these horses perform. Thank you Performance Equine for having products that REALLY WORK!

Florence Youree, Cassie Ward, Kylie Ward

rick brown, princessREINING HORSE- My name is Rick Brown. I am an NRHA Non-Pro and I have bred, raised and trained quarter horses for over thirty years. I have had quite a successful career having won nearly $40k showing reining horses. I am currently showing a 5 yr old reining mare by the popular reining stallion “Who Whiz It”.

This mare is the sweetest, most forgiving horse I have ever trained. She placed forth in the NRHA Limited Non Pro reining futurity at the Quarter Horse Congress in 2008. However, as she matured, she started acting extremely spooky, was practically impossible to show and even tried to buck me off once in the warm up pen. It was like someone had taken my best horse and left me with one that was crazy.
Princess was always sore, all over – all the time.
There was a point when she was receiving weekly visits from the chiropractor, but they weren’t helping. She also received vet checks for her hocks and knees and they found nothing wrong. I was at my wits end.
I knew something was hurting her but I couldn’t figure out what it was. She wouldn’t depart into her leads softly, she didn’t want to go slow, the faster we went, the fast she wanted to go and the problem progressed.

This spring training began with hours of slow, methodical work. Princess was still stiff all over and wouldn’t quit chewing the bit, no matter how patient I tried to be or what I used in her mouth.

When I saw the ad for Focus Equine and Magnesium supplements, I was certain it was just another dead end but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call and find out about the products.
Within five days, I started to notice a difference in my mare! By the end of the second week, my sweet little horse was almost back to normal. She was fun to ride again. I am quite confident that I have finally figured out the solution to my mare’s problems and I have high expectations for the upcoming season.

Thanks Performance Equine! I owe you big time!
Rick Brown
Maple Grove Performance Quarter Horses
2-1-2011 Update:
Hi! Look in your Reiner at 2010 top 10 Nov Non-Pro L2. Who Whiz Perfect aka Princess did a great job for me this year thanks to your help with Focus Equine and Magnesium. She was top ten at the QH Congress. Her NRHA earnings are over $10,000.00 and she still has one more year of derby eligibility. I am so grateful for your help.
Thanks so much!

Rick Brown

Thank you so much for sending me Performance Equine’s MSM with Aloe Vera. I put it to the test. I have been giving liquid Aloe Vera in Lucky’s feed for 6 about months, he is a perfect candidate for ulcers and this seems to be helping him eat his feed. After one of our many phone conversations I started him on MSM with Aloe Vera, after 2 days he was eating all his feed at once and wanting more. I let him run out to see if I saw a difference. WOW did he talk to me, within 2 days he walked away from his morning feeding, continuing to eat his hay, grass and acting hungry. That evening he whinnied and was acting really hungry, took about two bites and walked away. I went into the house and got some Ranitidine, gave it to him and 30 minutes later he was trying to eat his feed. At that point I knew it was his ulcers.
WOW what a product. I immediately ordered another bag, you had to it me in 2 days and within 2 feedings he was right back on his feed. He is knocking the bottom out of his bucket and wanting more. AWESOME product I will never run out again. I can’t thank you enough for all the time you have spent with me on the phone, all of Performance Equine products are great and they work.
Thanks again!

Sheryl Boyd and Lucky

Western Pleasure: We have a really talented 7 year old gelding in training with Cahill Quarter Horses in Madisonville TX. This guy is a real puppy dog at home, but turns into a bundle of raw nerves at the shows. We tried Focus and have been very impressed with the results. There was a noticeable difference in him at the first show and he is now at his third show on Focus and the changes are dramatic. He is calmer, happier, and the tension in the show pen has gone away. His “trainability” has skyrocketed, because he’s not afraid to be there. Thank you Performance Equine, we don’t think we would have helped this gelding reach his potential without you.

The Fords

I have been running my mare for about 3 yrs and in 2 of those three years I have been dealing with a tying-up issue with her and anxiety. Every time she had a stress incurred situation a day or two after she would start tying-up on me. It would take up to two hours of walking and sedation to get her back to normal. I took her to my vet and did a whole bunch of tests and a full blood panel on her. His conclusion was to much fat, protein and carbohydrates. I put her on a strict diet. But every once in a while she would still tie up. Her anxiety was really bad also. Any time I took her with another horse I would have to fight with the herd bound behavior. I came across the Focus equine and was interested in trying it. So I called THE MOST WONDERFUL INTELLIGENT NICEST PERSON. CARLA. We had a very extended phone call on her first conversation. We talked about putting her on Magnesium and the Focus Equine. She has been on these for two weeks now. I had to have neck surgery in march and was finally released the 9th of September. I took my mare to her first race of the year since October 2009. She ran like a rock star. Ran the same time as she did at the end of last season. Ran in and acted like she loved her job. And no herd bound behavior what so ever. And the best part was no tying-up signs what so ever. I am so excited for future races with my mare. Thank you so much~ Carla you’re the best.


Hey Carla,
Letting you know that our horse ran on turf track, Laurel Md. today. Horse ran strong and all was great from the owner-trainer-jockey-steward-vet standpoint. Horse named Broque, TB, ran 5.5 furlongs finished 7 of 10. 26K stakes race. Although he was not in front of the pack, Broque ran very strong starting on the outside and being cut off as he moved through the pack and jockey had to pull up to keep from interfering with another horse. The thing that is most interesting about this outing is it was the first time this horse was able to run without rupturing his fetlocks thanks to the use of our Iconoclast boot. The horse finished strong and confident without injury and returned to the barn in very good condition. He will be returning to the track soon as schedule allows and the owner Brad Garber is very impressed and excited to run his horse again. Mr. Garber was instrumental in getting the Iconoclast accepted by race commissioners and track personnel. We look forward to a bright future in the racing industry. Hope you enjoy this news, I sure did.


Western Pleasure: There have been many products on the market that are supposed to help calm a horse that is having trouble focusing at horse shows, traveling, or trying to just get the horse trained at home. I have tried most of them. Focus Equine is the first one that has really helped a variety of problems that my horses have experienced. It is easy to feed and they really like the taste. I actually have a cribber that has almost quit cribbing altogether. I would recommend Focus Equine to anyone who is having anxiety problems with their horse.

Nancy Cahill

Majestic, my barrel horse was having gate issues. He would refuse to go in the arena by backing or circling. I originally contacted Performance Equine about a mare I borrowed name Trycee. But the mare ended up cutting her tongue and I had to get back on my old guy. I decided to give Majestic the FOCUS Equine and Magnesium I originally purchased for Trycee. After having him on it for seven days, I went to a barrel race. I noticed a difference in his attitude at the gate, I could walk around the gate without him backing up and getting anxious. When it was my turn, I waited by the gate and he stood there very quite. I then walked in Majestic was focused, calm and did not refuse. It almost felt a little weird but this is what I had wished for and it was like a barrel dream come true. It was the perfect combination Focus + Calmness + Willingness = Winning Combination.

Magnesium is a great mineral for humans too, I recently started taking Magnesium and it helps reduce muscle tension. I can’t wait to try it on my other horses. Warm Regards!

Sonya Hopkins

I started my mare on MagRestore a few days ago, she normally acts as if she has vision problems – spooks at things that aren’t there, at times some pretty severe head-tossing – I rode her yesterday at home and was able to do figure 8’s at the lope – including flying lead changes, she was extremely quiet and such a pleasure to ride. I used to show her in open shows in trail (and win), horsemanship and pleasure – the true test for her will be when I have the opportunity to take her to another show and see if I can keep her attention, and attempt these classes again. I am anxiously awaiting next season to see if she spooks at obstacles away from home that she used to perform with such ease. I also started my younger mare on the same thing – some of her “issues” are of course training, but I was able to quietly clip her ears for the first time. I hope to keep both mares on your product long-term and see positive effects. Will keep you posted!

Kathi Zellers

The MagRestore has been a godsend…it’s unreal how well it works. It doesn’t take much, we mostly use only once a day now on a couple of them… I can’t even begin to describe how happy we are….. thank you thank you thank you
I’ll keep you posted.


Barrel Horse-THE NEW ANSWER a.k.a Grasshopper turned 7 years old this year. 2010. Since I started riding him at age 3, I’ve always said that I could not wait till he turned 12. thanks to Focus Equine, I can enjoy him now at 7. I was about to give up on a very nice barrel horse, simply because as a trainer, I didn’t know what else to try. It’s not that he didn’t work good once he was in the arena, it was getting him in the arena that was getting in the arena that was getting dangerous and down right scary. He had bucked me off in the warm up pen, kicked at other horses, would run backwards, sideways, anyways. He would have to be led, from the trailer, to the gate and he looked and acted like the worst racehorse you have ever seen on the track. The final straw was in August 09 after he made his run, he refused to LEAVE the arena. I knew I had to do something to help him or just quit him but he had too much talent to give up on. That’s when I found Focus Equine. Now he is pleasant to warm up and he stays quiet and relaxed. He actually walks flat footed into the the arena with no ones help. People that know Grasshopper cannot believe he is the same horses. I will always recommend Focus Equine to anyone. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found Focus Equine and you Carla, with your knowledge and compassion. I was so exhausted from dealing with Grasshopper (the crazy horse) as he used to be known. Focus has saved him…and me…and the gate men…and other horses…and other riders…and any passerby! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Sadie Cook Ricks

Dear Carla,

I am sending you this letter to let you know of the amazing results we had with an 8 year old Arabian Gelding that had exhibited mild symptoms of being “cold backed.” I have had the horse since he was 1; I started him and have been the only trainer to work with him so I am confident with the building blocks that were put in place. The horse had from the start exhibited very minor saddling and mounting issues. After a serious tendon injury last year he was demonstrating much more violent reactions to the saddle. He was in rehab for over 6 months for the tendon and came back sound. We eased him back slowly and noticed that the symptoms had returned but NOT at the same mild level they had always been. After my conversation with you regarding Magnesium deficiency, I decided to go ahead with the treatment supplement you recommended. After 10 days on the feed and a few baths with the salts, I saddled him and rode him for the first time in 10 months from the injury last year. He showed no signs of apprehension with the saddle or the mounting. I rode him and he picked up where he was a few years ago. I was surprised that such an easy fix could be so quick and apparent.

I use most of your products including the Flex Joint, MSM, and Focus Equine. You have been an invaluable resource in trouble shooting issues with horses. I highly recommend all of your products.


Dee Dee Kramer ~ Kramer Training

Reining: Carla, just wanted to let you know that my mare is doing very well on your FLEX EZ joint supplement! After about 3 weeks of feeding it to her, she’s running around again with the others, she’s still not sound, but way better than before!

Andrea Bobu

Barrel horse: WOW!, saw a difference in my horse after 2 days. Big difference in hauling, anxiety has almost disappeared. IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie K.

Barrel horse: Hi, there was a markedly great improvement in one of the mares–we even notice a difference handling her on the ground–tho she was not bad on the ground-she is much more relaxed now. Going in the arena was her biggest challenge, and she went in without my husbands help on the 2nd day (when she is normally worse). The other mare seems better, enough so that I will keep her on the product for a couple of more months. I am definitely eager to see if the improvements are long lasting. I gave the mares a dose in the am and pm the day of the races? Is this a good method?? (Yes- this is fine to do if you think your horse needs it.- PE USA)

I raced the one mare that was the worst about going in the arena 4 times this past weekend (which is rare) and on the 4th day which would have been the worst, she went in again without my husband having to lead her in. I tell everyone about the product. When I get back to Oregon, people who know this mare will be amazed too!!
Thank you,

Rosanne Strobel

Copy of IMG_0120Extreme Cowboy Racer: Dear Carla, I just want to thank you so much for all the support that Performance Equine has given me this past Extreme Cowboy Racing season. Dreams do come true and making it to the World Championship in Kansas (top ten) with both horses was a dream come true for this 60 yr old cowgirl. I DID IT!!!! I just cant say enough for your products. The Flex EZ helped my horses joints and muscle in every event and getting ready for the events. When your horses feel good, they perform to the best of their abilities. After a 2,000 mile haul, they came out of the trailer as if they had taken a trip to a local race.
As for the Focus…it’s the best!! It really helped my mare stay on task and happy.

554952898_img_3873Most of all, my gelding’s performance was the best in years. Willie is one of horses where you never really know what is going to set him off. (but you gotta love him) Focus made him keep his brave hat on and concentrate on the job he had to do. With his attitude change, it gave me more confidence to push him harder and faster through the races. It really made a difference and I’d never race without it.

I love the ICONOCLAST boots! They fit so well. I had to ride through different types of terrain, water hazards, jumps and much, much more. My horses legs were protected and had great support. They never came up the least bit sore-this is a great product. Most important is you Carla. You gave me so much support and knowledge of caring for my horses while racing and traveling. I used all the great tips and they were awesome. With a tear in my eye and love in my heart THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! REMEMBER YOU HELPED MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE.

Pam Salin, Trixie and Willie

MSM Testimonial with a severely allergic horse
OTTB: Trey is 8 yrs old and has had chronic sinusitis since he was 3 yrs old. He has been scoped and sinuses drilled for exam and there was lots of inflammation and at that time diagnosed with “Chronic Sinusitis”. The up keep to maintain this has been very expensive and never 100%. We were looking at getting his sinuses flushed and the vet explained that this would help for a while. 4 weeks prior to appointment to drill and flush the sinuses we took him off of everything, Platinum Performance Allergy formula, etc,etc. All herbal remedies did not work either. At the time of taking away all supplements, Carla suggested we put him on straight doses of MSM twice per day. Within 7 days everything started to clear up. When he would work he would get some discharge. When the vet showed up to do the procedure he was completely clear and when he did his skull X-Ray there was no “Fluid Line” in his skull. This showed that the MSM took all inflammation away and there was nothing building up inside anymore. His sinus cavities have been clear since. The vet did not want to drill his sinuses because he said there is “No Need” he is doing great on the MSM treatment. I keep him on 2 scoops of MSM per day 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m. He feels better all the way around, much happier, no headaches and no drainage. He is now a pleasure to ride and has tons of energy.

D. Bond and Trey

Western Pleasure: I have used focus equine on an “edgy” mare. It works really, really well! I was VERY happy with the results. It took just that little bit of “edge” off where I could FINALLY get her to focus!! I’d literally ride her for 2 hours, she’d be dripping sweat and STILL wouldn’t give in to something that is so simple. I don’t keep her on it all the time anymore, just before shows. She was on it every day for about a month, then I took her down to every other day, then she just learned it was SO much easier to be good! She was always one I had to lunge for a good 20 minutes – 1/2 hour every time I rode her (and she is turned out at least 1/2 a day) but now I hardly ever lunge her, even in the cooler weather (so far!). I would highly, highly recommend the focus equine. My friend and I always order ours together and she calls and orders it. She says the people at the company are really nice and truly try to help you out. She has barrel racers – 2 – on it and she loves it as well. Hope you find something that works!

To Whom it may concern-
I just wanted to share my personal experience with your Show & Go supplement. I have been using this on my horses for many years and have always loved it. But until recently, I didn’t realize how much better this product is than anything else on the market.

On Feb. 20, 2009 I rescued a severely underweight 30 year old pregnant TB mare. She was immediately started on 2 scoops of Show & Go and Alfalfa. I have included pictures of her upon arrival on Feb 20 and her most recent picture on May 18, 2009. The pictures will speak for themselves. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.

Colleen Henderson~ A very faithful user

“Best” is doing better, but she still “jumps” once in a while. I think a lot of the trouble is that I’m unable to ride as much as I used to & would still like to. I’m having hip joint problems which makes it painful to ride very long. I think she just needs to be ridden more & get out into the “real” world more. I am happy with the progress I’ve seen. The farrier was here just after the 7 day routine. I didn’t tell him I had her on the Focus Equine. I just wanted to see for myself the difference. I was really pleasantly surprised to see the difference. She never has been “bad” when getting her feet done, but she just seemed to be unable to stand perfectly still for any length of time. She stood like a “statue” the whole time. He said he really liked my horse when he was done. She’s come a loooong way. I’m going to continue using Focus Equine during the rest of the Summer & Fall. And then start back again in the Spring.
Thanks for your personal interest in me & Best. I feel like we’re old friends.


Darrin2Dressage: I have used these products for several years now with great success. What I was so impressed with was that this was the first time anyone talked to me about a nutritional approach instead of chemical for my difficult horses with mental challenges. I train in the world of Dressage that taxes the mental concentration of both horse and rider. When they approached me with the new Focus product I was happy to use my very sensitive horses for the experiment. I told no one in my barn that I was doing this experiment. I put several of the horses on Focus. In just 4 short days one of my assistants came to me because one of the horses seemed sick. I asked for more details.
I was told that my personal horse had walked up the barn unusually quiet and at the end of the lead rope instead of pulling her to the cross ties. It was one of the horses I had put on Focus Equine. This horse, for years, was one that only I could ride with out problems. She now has gone on to letting others ride her and is being used as a School Master to teach others the skill of Dressage. Most of my horses in training are now on Focus Equine to help them to be able to do the rigors of intense Dressage Training and showing.

Darren Taplin

Rescue Pony: I am beyond thrilled and touched by you’re kindness. The little guy and I will put that to very good use, and I am certain his little spirit thanks you as well. He is so much more comfortable in his own skin now. This poor pony had been so severely abused that when I walked in his stall, he would crouch down like scared dog. He would go in the corner and tremble all over with fear. He was afraid every second of every day.

He no longer quivers as before and will run circles around me when I go into his pasture. He is saying look at me I am free, and I am happy! And when I stop walking he comes to me, not only in the round pen or stall but even in the pasture. It is though every bit of the old memories and fear are completely gone. I don’t think he ever thought he could be this happy. So You and Focus Equine have saved another Life! You were our missing link in communication before Carla. As I mentioned before you are the, “INTERPRETER” Thank-you just does not seem to be enough. So we are keeping you in our Prayers and sending you many many Blessings : )

Joey & Colton

Wow! Am I happy with the way your product seems to be helping my pony so far!! Started it on Wednesday. It appears he can now think clearly!!! Things that were scaring the daylights out of him he is starting to just walk by without much notice!!! I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to have finally found a supplement that will settle his mind!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for my little horse. He will now hopefully have a chance to get back to work. I rode him for the first time being on Focus Equine today and he was able to walk, trot and canter in a far more civilized manner. Able to go near things on the rail that have worried him big time in the past. A couple of little moments of fear but then it is as if he thinks about it and decides it is not worth that much worry.

I still have him on the full dose and think I will for the full seven days. Then I will try and go every other day. Do you see the same progress usually when you go to every other day?? I’ll keep you posted on how he does. Thanks again!!!!!

Patty Lamson

I’ve been telling everyone about your product and my friend ordered some I think. I just love this stuff. I have tried everything on the market for my mare and this is the only thing that made a difference for the better. And the cool thing about this product is that is just keeps getting better and better. I feel like the longer I used it the less I have to use and the more confident my horse is. This stuff doesn’t “calm” her like all the other stuff we’ve tried it does just what the name says it helps her focus. Thank you for making such a great product!

Alix Nash

I just wanted to let you know that I tried your trial size of Focus equine on my very nervous and sensitive 4 year old Arabian mare. There was a big difference in her tension level and focus within a couple of days. She went on her first over night camping trip and settled in unbelievably well. She is not as hypersensitive and reactive on your supplement and it has allowed her to be more comfortable in her surroundings, even her stall at home. She is much more settled and not constantly “looking” for something to be afraid of. Thank you very much, I have ordered the 30 serving size – I think she will be a happier horse now, more at peace.

Carolyn Beckstrom

Barrel Horse: SKIP is my daughter’s 17 year old gelding who endured tremendous abuse from his previous owner. He was trained knowing his only purpose was to run and to run fast. Before using FOCUS EQUINE, Skip was refusing to enter the gate; well you can’t win the race if you can’t get in the gate. Once he saw the barrels he would freeze and refuse to move, this made further training very difficult. We virtually tried everything. We felt we were at the end of our rope. FOCUS EQUINE was going to be our only hope. We gradually brought him up to full dose giving half in the morning and half at night. The first show in Milton, Ont would be the test. He did hesitate a bit at the gate but Hillary encouraged him on and once the two were in, they were off. What an amazing day!! FOCUS EQUINE has given both SKIP and HILLARY the trust they needed in each other to move forward. The smile on Hillary’s face when she exited the gate was truly “PRICELESS”

I can not thank you enough for all you have done, for being genuinely concerned about our “big boy” and above all for making this wonderful product. Very rarely do you find someone who takes as much interest in your horse’s well being as I have found in you and your business. My wish for you is continued success with this amazing product.

Barb Beuermann

Barrel Horse: I used your Focus Equine on my gelding and have had great success. He is very sensitive to it. I did a lot of trial and error and found that he works at a good performance level using about 1/2 of the recommended amount. I now have an super talented horse that can actually focus on his job. I will be able to finish him now. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get him to be solid.


Picture 1124Western Pleasure: 05/30/2009: 6 yr mare kicks bucks at you every time she gets near you paws gate @ feed time broke my foot and back- stopped riding her 3 yr ago. I just ride my other mare. I have used everything but may try this nothing to lose- can’t sell her
Too much money and time invested. I want to ride her, must be crazy.

6/10/09 She has stopped pawing at the gate and she is not as aggressive for her food. She was getting so bad I thought I was going to have to get a crop to protect myself from her. She would rush you at the gate and now she just goes over to her bucket and stands there! This is all without any training or discipline. I will start her slowly on a lunge line this weekend if that goes well, I’m putting my sister on her. She’s younger than me and we’ll go from there. Everything looks real good! Maybe your ad popping up on my computer under AQHA was a gift from God!!!!!!
Thank You,

Barbara Kiernan

Western Pleasure: Ty was better in all divisions,trail,western riding and pleasure. When I upped the dose before the second pleasure class he was awesome. This was a very long show, 5 days and he had at least two classes each day. By the 5th day he was not great in western riding…ran through the trainers legs for a moment but CAME back to her after that and did not get rattled. I think he may have been tired by then and just did not have any more rides in him. Overall, a huge improvement. If I can get that sort of response consistently in the pleasure, I would be as happy as possible. He gave me a flawless ride, listened to every cue and was soft and supple. I do not think he could have done anything better. I was still nervous because I do not trust him in the class but if this is a reproduce-able result I am sure that I will learn to trust him and relax. Thanks so much for this magic elixir. I probably will not show him again until July but if he’s like this again I will let you know. This formula is extremely effective.


244_ChewyWestern Pleasure: I went to the CCQHA show in Woodland this past weekend. My horse was incredible, despite the BIG winds Friday, I showed in trail…I just got there, lunged him for 20 minutes and showed in an arena he’d never been in before, we won the amateur trail and he had a great go in the jr trail, but the wind blew the rope of the gate into his face, so baby that he is, he grabbed the rope and was having a good ole time chewing it, while everyone laughed and the judge gave me a -4 on that, which pretty much killed any chance of placing! He was 2nd under both in pleasure on Saturday and Sunday he slaughtered everyone, winning under both in jr trail and was 2nd/3rd in amateur trail to clinch his first circuit champion in amateur trail. He’s really doing great with your supplement, especially since he’s been on it a while now.

Update: 9-16-09
Chewy showed at 7 shows and was circuit champion in either junior trail or amateur trail or both, at 6 shows, winning a buckle, several blankets, halters and a saddle bag. He got 17 points in jr trail, missing qualifying by one point, earned 15 points in amateur trail and 5 points in amateur or junior western pleasure. I don’t show him pleasure enough, but he’s an incredible, slow legged, great hocked mover. Points were hard to come by, as amateur trail usually had 5 or less, while the select trail was always around 20 horses strong. We’re already well on our way to qualifying for next year in both jr and amateur trail. Since he’s grown and filled out so much, performance halter is next. And we’ll finish up his lead change during the off season, with Nancy Alto Renfro.
I don’t keep him on Focus, except just prior and during shows, so I will need more very soon.

Monique Borruso

80_moonieWestern Pleasure: 10-08 ~When I bought her she came from your typical QH trainer abuse situation. She had been jerked on to get that quick fix to be shown. She didn’t trust anyone and had some real anger issues. She would charge you on the lung line etc After 2 yrs of retraining she doesn’t have any issues but she is just nervous. Especially at shows. She needs something that takes the edge off.

12-08 ~The supplement worked wonderfully. I put my mare on it and didn’t tell my trainer and she even mentioned a difference in my mare even though she didn’t know she was on the calming product. I definitely am going to order more in the future. Thanks so much!!!!



My name is Traci Pratt from Axtell, TX and I just had to email you and tell you “Thank you” so much for Focus Equine! It really brought my mare back to me. It made her more trainable and helped her to really focus on her strenuous/exciting job of Barrel Racing. After just one week on Focus Equine, this mare was “settled” and it DID NOT slow her down! She continues to run 1D times. What it did do to her is that it helped her to be okay with being corrected at high speeds. Before, I could ask her to move over and she ignored me and she was not just a “cheater”, she just couldn’t concentrate or react quick enough while at a dead run. Well, Focus quine changed that. I have a video that I would like to share with you! There were times when she would come too close to a barrel and I would attempt to pick her shoulder up, but would not get a response. On Focus Equine, when I picked her up….she responded immediately!!! It is an awesome product and has changed what would be “no times” into CHECKS! Thank you Performance Equine!!! I will highly recommend this product!!

Happy trails and God Bless,

Traci Pratt

210_KW6Z6647kCongratulations to Don & Kamber Ulmer of Rancho Del Sol
Arab Nationals Working Cow Horse Champion 2008

“This is the second show season that we have used Focus Equine with great results. For some horses, it is just what is needed to have that extra edge to be a winner in the tough competition that we see today.”
Don and Kamber Ulmer

Western Pleasure: I’ve used the Focus Equine on two different mares. One was my 8 yr old western pleasure mare. She’s not goofy, but has off days where she’ll spook over anything. Carla from Focus Equine sent me a 7 day trial packet. I used it on this mare and what a difference. She was quieter and able to focus and not freak out over small things. I ordered a 30 day supply and used it on my yearling filly that I was showing in Lunge Line and in hand trail. I didn’t lunge her until she was 13 months. She wasn’t lunged a lot, so the show circuit was new and scary, plus I wasn’t about to lunge the crud out of her. She was extremely scared and you’d never know what to expect from her. Carla helped me adjust the amount to supplement her with. This little filly was just awesome in lunge line and trail. We won the in hand trail competition under the CCC in California. After administering the Focus Equine for three shows, it helped her focus and we no longer have to give her anything! It’s unbelievable! Thank you CARLA!

Hello Carla,
I just wanted to let you know that 3 horses at the barn are now on FOCUS (including mine) and the results are very noticeable. My horse is now much calmer, he sometimes still reacts to “scary” things but his reaction is A LOT less explosive than before. The lack of forwardness is now a solved problem too, I don’t even need to use spurs anymore! Thanks to this wonderful product. ~ Regards,


sonia-1Arab Rescue Mare: Sonia’s auction rescue-
Sonia was so traumatized that all she focused on was trying to escape her stall. She was literally climbing the walls. She was extremely herd bound and during one of her fits, we heard a crash. We found Sonia, standing in the middle of her paddock with her lower mouth hanging having been torn off to one side. She had just ripped her whole lower 70% lip off.

100_41121Dr. Timothy Galusha assessed the situation and began to stitch. She dreaded us when we came into her paddock to give her a shot of antibiotic. Although Sonia had healed from her injury to her face she had not entirely healed mentally. I painfully watched her block us out. She was still traumatized from being torn away from her family and having suffered such a horrific injury. Her eyes were so distant and sad all the time. It was like she was in her own secure world and never let anybody in. Training her was virtually hopeless as you were constantly asking her to refocus. My mom finally had enough and went on a mission to find a supplement to help Sonia- anything from moody mare to a calming vitamin. One night she discovered Equine Focus by Performance Equine. She read all the great reviews and so we tried it. She changed from this traumatized extremely spacey horse to a re-focused, ready to please equine. While on Focus we were able to bathe her twice! She’d never been bathed in her twelve years of her life. She no longer pushes through her stall door and we no longer have to use a crop to keep her at distance.

100_3987-405x270She now finally respects her place as an equine and has finally accepted that we are not here to hurt her.
She was shown for the first time in her life at age thirteen at Region 16 Arabian horse show May 9-12 /09 and brought home third and fourth place. Thank you Performance Equine for this wonderful product.

I have decided that when it’s time to show my Arabians, I will put them on Focus. It is expensive but the results are amazing. While I spend so much money on the shows, I want my horses to perform well and with no doubt on Focus they are performing better. Thank you Carla for a wonderful amazing product that truly works. Sincerely

Fran Bonenfant

Barrel Horse: I referred 2 friends and my mom is now hooked on the Flex EZ as well. Both will be consistent customers for the new year as well. I LOVE your products!!! I feed the Flex EZ to 5 head and the Focus to 2-3 head as well. These are the first supplements that I have used that I can actually see and feel a difference. Keep up the great work.


Barrel Horse: Hi Carla, This is Mutt. Mutt was really bad in the alley. He bucked, reared and spun. He also had leg swelling and was moving stiff. Just wanted to let you know I took Mutt to my first 3 day race. Oh my gosh he was a blast. He acted like a complete gentleman. He didn’t fight me going down the alley or anything, even in 30 degree weather. He felt good. So when anybody asks, I give them your website and tell them about your Focus and Glucosamine. Thanks for everything!!!


Barrel Horse: Hey Carla: Gave out information and phone number to two possibles for the Focus here in Canada. After our show this weekend…both our horses did well….1st and 2nd fastest barrel horses of the day. People are taking notice for sure…we just so happen to have these horses for sale too….made people look even more. The FOCUS is working great!

Sue Leyzac

flecheblue2OTTB Story:Fleche Bleue is a TB mare. She is now ten years old, and I have owned her for 5½ years now. I met her when she was a filly. I was training horses at the time and I started her under saddle. Her owner at the time wanted her to be broken before she went on the track. As a young horse, she had everything that always made me like TBs: athletic, sensitive, willing to learn and very personable. After three weeks under saddle, I could take her out on trails, cross busy roads, gallop her in the vineyards: she was brave, and very attentive. She never bucked, or did anything that could throw me off. Then she went on the track. I could not prevent her from going to the track (the owner wanted more money than I could possibly afford to buy her) but I promised her that I would give her a home when she was done racing. So I did. It became very clear that being on the track as been physically and emotionally very damaging to her. She was down to skin and bones and she was tagged as dangerous on the track: she was biting, kicking; she had marks on her nose and gums from the chains. It took three men to tack her up on her last race, and she got in the habit of bucking off jockeys before going into the starting gates. I gave her six month in pasture, which according to friends who work with TBs off the track, should have been enough time for her brain and body to relax. But it was not the case. When I tried to put her back to work, the picture was pretty gloomy. She was nervous, tense, fighting the bit just fighting everything, period. She could only go one speed: really fast! It felt like she was constantly running away.

Barrel Horse: Hello- I just wanted to touch base with you since my last order, which was the first time I used your product and I am happy to report that this supplement truly worked. My mare is like a different horse and if she has a fit it is over quickly. No more trying to win the wars with her, there are none anymore! She has responded so well to it that she has now been started on barrels at open races and nothing seems to bother her so she will now be traveling to Arizona to do some training and competition runs this winter. Thank you so much for reassuring me that this product would truly work as I was a skeptic and had tried every calming agent out on the market. I will forever be a customer. I just sent in an order for more, I have been feeding 1 scoop everyday and with the next order I will go to every other day and see if the results stay the same.
I was at the point where I almost gave this great horse away and this is a horse I have raised from the day she was born. I am very happy with the product and also being able to chat with you on the phone really helped.
Thanks again.

Shannon Clay & Grace

My barrel mare was almost to the point to where I was going to have to quit running her. She was so uncontrollable while trying to get her into the alley. She would back up away from it no matter how hard I kicked her forward. She would back over anything in her path. She was vet checked and sent to the chiropractor and she wasn’t hurting anywhere. I have tried other products to calm her and nothing was working. I put her on Focus Equine for 6 days prior to the race and on the morning of the race. For the first time in a long long time she walked into the alley like a Queen! My friends thought I was on a different horse. She is truly a different horse and her marish attitude is almost completely gone. Thanks to Focus we can continue to run and have fun doing it now! Thank You for your wonderful product…its amazing!

Just wanted to let you know my mare went in the alley like a queen again!!! She ran a awesome pattern and was a lil over a half a second behind two Pro people!!! I cant thank you enough for making this product!!! It has truly made a enormous difference!!!! I am so proud of how she ran. She gave me her whole heart! But I honestly believe I couldn’t have done it without your product. She is so relaxed and smooth again. She wants to run now instead of fighting to get it over with!!!

She went in again with no problem!!! She ran a 16.2! Her fastest time in this arena so far!

R.Presley- Whitehouse,Tx

I’ve used the Focus Equine on two different mares. One was my 8 yr old western pleasure mare. She’s not goofy, but has off days where she’ll spook over anything. Carla from Focus Equine sent me a 7 day trial packet. I used it on this mare and what a difference. She was quieter and able to focus and not freak out over small things. I ordered a 30 day supply and used it on my yearling filly that I was showing in Lunge Line and in hand trail. I didn’t lunge her until she was 13 months. She wasn’t lunged a lot, so the show circuit was new and scary, plus I wasn’t about to lunge the crud out of her. She was extremely scared and you’d never know what to expect from her. Carla helped me adjust the amount to supplement her with. This little filly was just awesome in lunge line and trail. We won the in hand trail competition under the CCC in California. After administering the Focus Equine for three shows, it helped her focus and we no longer have to give her anything! It’s unbelievable! Thank you CARLA!

randy3Dressage: “Randy is a 13 yo Oldenberg in full-time dressage training, currently competing at Third Level. Eighteen months ago, Randy suffered a ligament injury on his right front in the fetlock area. During his five month rehab, per our vet’s instructions, we added 25,000 mg of Performance Equine’s pure glucosamine to his daily supplements, in addition to his monthly Adequan treatments. After rehab, we also added Flex-EZ to his program . The combination of Flex-EZ, glucosamine and Adequan plus his training program has put him in the best condition of his career, making it easy for him to meet the increasing demands on joints necessary to move up the levels in dressage.”

S. Coury

Holly n me 002Reining horse: My high maintenance mare had a real problem stalling, training and showing away from home. She is a talented mare but her anxiety got in the way of everything. She was nervous in a new stall and paced and fretted the entire show. By Sunday, she was tired, fractious and body sore. In the show pen, she was distracted, inconsistent making her hard to show. keep her focused. I had to get her physically exhausted before I could even think about showing her. It wasn’t getting better with each show we did. I was spending a lot of money for show expenses and was not having much fun, and mytrainer told me to consider selling.

I started eliminating anxiety and soreness with nutrition and went to work formulating products that addressed her needs physically and mentally. As soon as I started her on Focus Equine, it was a total transformation. She rested in her stall at night. She was confident and relaxed in the show pen. Now, my warm ups consist of 15-20 minutes and I go show her. The amount of wear and tear that Focus Equine saves my horse and I is immeasurable. She has a relaxed attitude about being shown and she puts her head down, stays in the bridle and goes right to work. I’m a better pilot and showman because I can focus on my riding now that I can relax and let her do HER job. She’s soft in the bridle, honest and forthright in her work with plenty of snap and spark when I ask for it. She comes back softly in her small slow circles and steps it up for the large fast. No spook, no worry, no drama! I won’t show her without Focus Equine. I have learned a lot from this little diva and she’s the reason Performance Equine and Focus Equine exists. It’s been a long journey but you are staying with me forever! Thanks,


PattyI highly recommend the glucosamine supplement! I have a 34 (yes she is 34) year old Quarter Horse mare. She has always shown slight arthritis, but in the past 6 months it has really gotten bad, she could barely walk and it truly broke my heart to see her that way. I ran across Carla’s ad for the glucosamine on Bayequest and decided to give it a try! I couldn’t be happier I did, Patty is now hardly limping, even when we have the really cold evenings and mornings! I want to say thanks for all of your information and how you took the time to answer my questions, and most of all, how you truly cared about my mare and I…it really meant a lot!

Sabrina Impelido

Jun16030Endurance Horse: I had not been certain that I wanted to attempt another limited distance endurance ride with my Mustang, Oreo, because of his rodeo antics at the start of the rides. Leaving camp to the start he bucked, crow-hopped sideways and straight-on, yanked his head up and down, swung his head till he seemed dizzy, grunted, fussed and generally scared me and made me tired trying to control his forward motion. It was scary and embarrassing, and had been happening at every ride we went to. Despite his antics we placed Top 10 and Best Condition a number of times. I was about ready to give it up entirely and settle for general trail riding and horse camping, but I am afraid the competitive part of me wanted to try again.

Tammy and MysticEndurance Horse: OK -I can tell you I was hugely skeptical about Focus Equine doing what you claimed.
I started giving it to Angel (Monday) 4 days prior to my lesson and she was soooo much more settled than she was at her last lesson.

The following Saturday did a training ride with a group of 5 riders. It was pouring down rain and the wind was really wild. I had second thoughts on even loading her up to go. We hung around till the rain passed and headed off. She was jiggy but totally under control. Normally she would have been totally off her face and I would be hanging on to her to keep control. We headed into the plantation where she normally would have been quite spooky. She spooked a few times but they weren’t nearly as severe as they normally would be. We did lots of hill work and we trotted and cantered most of the way with a couple of gallops. Normally Angel would be out of control in a group situation with speed. She’d wind herself up, get progressively faster and if I ask her to slow down she would end up blocking me, bracing in her neck-Not slowing down. Saturday she was totally different! She was still goey but more relaxed under me and listening. I could actually drop the reins instead of being on her head the whole time as she kept her pace. If I asked her to slow, she did without fighting her face. A couple of times, one of the others galloped by us out in front and I asked her to slow and she did. Normally she would run off blocking me to chase the horse out in front.

It was the first fast ride in a group that she was under control that I can remember in a long time. All I can say is that the proof is there -it definitely works. She was still excited but was under control at all times and I didn’t fight with her once and she was 90% better with her spooking.

She was also better with her heat this time. I rode with a gelding that caused Angel to come into season quite badly. Surprisingly, I still had her focusing on what I was asking her to do. Normally, when she is in season I’ll leave her at home. I don’t bother riding her as she is totally loopy and we end up fighting every minute I ride her, so that was amazing as well.

Tammy Miller~ Tasmania, Australia

Endurance Horse: To Carla : Thank you for developing Focus and this forum. (9-08)
This is a wonderful product. One of my horses can be very fractious. To the point where he had a major melt down this spring, kicked me and broke my leg. I am just, within the last two weeks getting back into riding. Needless to say I have not been able to “prove” this supplement in all the situations that I hope to due to my recovery process. I have used the supplement with Avy. Here at home what I’ve observed is a more quiet and settled demeanor. He is extremely mouthy, not viciously just a goof. He would literally follow me out to pasture making slurpy noises trying to lick me, but it would often progress to a nip and he would try to push me with his nose. When riding he would spook at heaven only knows what! I am a firm believer in boundaries. I’m not a play toy! Nothing worked with him. After being on the Focus, he receives 1 scoop every 3 days, he walks along beside me quietly. If he tries to push all I have to do is give a firm “NO”. He ground ties in the barn isle to be groomed head down and forward and not on high alert. I will keep you posted. I do not consider this product to be a cure all, other work is needed but so far it is a HUGE help. I highly recommend it.

Ann Cummings Level II Centered Riding Instructor.

Just an update on Blue. I am believing that the Focus is allowing exactly what you mentioned below to happen. Blue is quieter and much more receptive to a new trainer with new ideas! She is doing the bending at the walk and teaching him to relax and break at the poll so as not to pull ever! She is very firm in this request, but gentle. I practiced this with him last night and he did great. We are taking it very slow and using the walk and sitting trot right now, but will go to the posting trot and canter when he is ready. All this seems a lot of work for a horse that is 16 and has been with me for 4 years already and come a LONG way since the track, but he is worth it!

Charlene Marsh

Aaruba_uphill2small[1]Endurance Horse: My Arabian endurance horse, Aaruba, has always been an emotional individual. He is prone to stress and intolerant of confinement. Being a horse with a lot of “go,” he simply cannot handle a small pen in which there is nowhere to go.

Although these characteristics set Aaruba up to be an enthusiastic endurance athlete, they handicap him during the practical aspects of competition. He resents the trailer and always puts up at least a mild protest before loading, despite many hours of patient training. He cannot relax in his pen in ride camp; instead, he paces until darkness falls, and begins again when the sun comes up. This behavior is not only bothersome to me and my camp neighbors, but it leaves me constantly worried that he’ll injure himself or set himself up for metabolic failure during the next day’s race.To complicate matters, Aaruba developed gastric ulcers in the wake of a medical event that kept him off feed for several days. The stress of endurance conditioning and competition compounded the problem, and the end result was a set of new, acting-out behaviors such as bolting from cars and hyper alertness on the trail. Despite aggressive ulcer treatment, this spookiness made my formerly hot-but-trustworthy horse disconcerting – even dangerous – to ride.

At the recommendation of a fellow endurance rider, I put Aaruba on a trial course of Focus Equine. After five doses, we enjoyed a 20 mile conditioning ride along the country roads near our home. Not only did Aaruba cease spooking at cars, he proved more relaxed, responsive and energetic than ever. His alert, forward personality remained, but his irrational tension disappeared. His gaits even felt smoother, particularly at the canter.

After our ride, I unsaddled Aaruba and threw a cooler over his back. Though he typically cringes when blanketed (despite hundreds of uneventful experiences) he didn’t even flinch as I arranged the cooler and fastened its straps. I’m excited to try trailering and ride camp, as I anticipate Aaruba’s emotional state will be greatly improved.

I never thought I’d say this about a supplement…but I’m a believer. I just ordered a supply of Focus Equine and am looking forward to the upcoming endurance season more than ever. Thanks, Performance Equine!

Endurance Horse: The stuff worked wonderfully! It didn’t make him groggy and lifeless looking like a sedative would; he still acted like his normal Arabian self but a more focused version. It’s still working a bit too, even after being done with the trial ration. We even went on a great trail ride where he crossed water for the first time in his life! It’s a nice supplement, I’m thinking about doing a daily dose just to keep him focused on work, not the killer corn stalks. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I’d recommend it to other horse friends for sure!
Kindest Regards,

Katy and Dakota, Minnesota

3047 009Barrel Horse: I raised my mare “Lucky Iris Moon”. She was born on my place and has been high strung since she was born! When I started her on barrels she got even more nervous. It seemed that she was totally comfortable in the arena but the rest of her life was one big drama. This summer it got to the point that I was scared to be in a holding pen with other people because Lucky was so insecure and upset that she was dangerous to others. I have spent hundreds of dollars on products and services to calm her down. Nothing worked. Some products actually made her worse if that’s possible! I knew she had talent but it was not working for is since she was losing her focus in the holding pen making a decent barrel pattern pretty dang tough.

I was reading the ads on barrelhorses.com and saw the ad for Focus Equine. I figured it was worth a try since it was a free trial. I got the product really fast and got Lucky started on it. We ran at Columbia Missouri over thanksgiving weekend. It was a big show, a barrel bash with over 400 competitors. Lucky was still a bit nervous the first day and I was worried that this product wasn’t going to work any better than any of the previous things I had tried. Boy was I surprised! When I went to the arena and had to stand in the holding pen!! She was a dream! She stood still, heart didn’t pound, she didn’t try to kick anyone and she actually walked to the alley way and ran a great smooth pattern!!!! I was so astounded! Then, later that night when I went to the stalls to check on her, she was laying down resting. I immediately thought she was sick because Lucky generally spends her nights at shows intent on tearing her stall down. After watching her for awhile I realized that she was just relaxed and happy! Another miracle!!! I am completely convinced that the Focus works miracles!! Thanks so much for marketing this great product!! I am now looking forward to a fun and profitable year running barrels with my “new improved” horse!!!

Robin Belfield

QY08-1254-SIEDENTOPF-D CDMy horse has knocked 2 seconds off of our barrel times. Shell Be has the endurance each go. In addition, she is level headed and responsive. All of which are very important when trying to clear a course in seconds flat. Focus significantly reduced the excitement and anxiety she had at the ‘in’ gate. My parents used to have to hold her before we ran. Now she’s totally controllable without help. I would recommend these products to anyone with a performance horse looking to insure peak conditioning as well as increase speed.

Samantha Siedentopf

Express_ChristophFor several years we have been dealing with two of our horses that are very excitable, anxious and nervous. They were trying to jump out of their skins during endurance competitions. They were wasting lots of energy bucking and twisting instead of focusing on the task. These horses could never perform to their true potential. We tried different products, but didn’t get satisfactory results. Last year, we received a call from Carla from Performance Equine, who convinced us to try their product FOCUS. We were skeptical at first, knowing that we had tried a lot of products in the past and none of them worked that well. But, to our delight, FOCUS really did the job!. Both of our high strung horses, The Noble One and our stallion DWA Express calmed down and started to focus on their job without wasting precious energy. The results were astonishing.
We truly believe in FOCUS and will be using it in the future. The product is totally unique and only contains legal substances. Our Thanks to Carla and Performance Equine for sponsoring our horses at the Global Endurance Training Center. We will recommend it to all our clients and riders.
Christoph Schork Over 135 wins in Endurance races
Member USA National Endurance Team since 2004

Dian Woodward & Christoph Schork

I used it on Richie, my 2 year old that I had to bring home from training because of some stifle issues. He’d gotten a little wound up being on stall rest. So I starting using this product the day that I got home from Congress. Honest-to-goodness, saw a difference in him the next day, much more focused, etc. Continued to use for the rest of the week and saw huge improvements. I even recommended your product to a trainer who had a client’s horse that was pretty “hot” when the Novice Amateur was riding her and suggested that maybe they try your product to try to slow her mind down.

Linda M.

julioRoper and Barrels: 11-29-09 -Hi Carla, Thought I would let you know that Julio is feeling really good & looking good, too! Knock on wood- hive free – scared to even say it, for who knows what tomorrow will bring. Seriously we are very happy with how he is doing. This is his 11th day on the MSM -2 scoops/twice a day. I finished up the 10 days of SMZ’s for his nose & cough and then started the MSM even though he was still a bit snotty. However after starting the MSM his nose cleared up and he is really feeling good. The mare, Rocket , is working really well. You had me put her on the mag & glucosamine, but I also started her on 1 scoop of MSM a day , too.
Thanks so much for your help. It’s good to have Julio feeling good again and Rocket roping comfortably again. Thanks again,

12-19-09 Hi Carla , just an update on Julio. He continues to look awesome and feel good. Cary is roping on him and riding daily. He is so much improved- not itchy and rubbing on everything, and still no hives. He really looks good – good weight & shiny, healthy hair coat. Rocket is also is feeling well but the biggest improvement (the most needed improvement) is Julio. We really appreciate your knowledge and help with him. Thanks so much.
Happy Holidays,

Merrilee Cook

Barrel Horse: Hello. I just wanted to let you know we used the Focus on my daughter’s 7-year old barrel mare last week. We started it on Tuesday and she ran her at a jackpot on Sunday. It made a big difference! The mare walked calmly through the gate and stayed focused on her job. Previously, the mare was frequently distracted, always worried about where my mare was, and was starting to refuse the gate. She was very inconsistent… my daughter never knew what to expect in the pattern.
I just placed another order. I would have ordered a larger quantity, but our season basically will be over in a couple of weeks. However, next year, I intend to start using the Focus right away in the spring. Thanks!

Melissa K. Miller

Barrel Horse: Hi Carla, Just wanted to let you know I have been telling everyone I run into about your product!! I am still in awe over it. I took her trail riding this last weekend and usually have to pull up on her the whole way. She rode with her head down and stayed behind the horse in front of her the whole way!!! She never spooked at anything. we would pull on limbs and throw sticks into brush and she never even flinched. YES!

R. Presley

Barrel Horse: I am SOOOO pleased with the outcome. My daughter recently acquired this barrel horse that DOESN’T like slow work. She is used to riding a 3D-4D horse but we were told he is 1D-2D, however, she was doing good at times with him. She has had the hardest time figuring him out lately. He started rearing and plowing the 2nd barrel if she tried to slow him down. We decided we would try something to see if it would help him. We tried 2 different things with no change and I am on BHW all the time and decided to order it to see if there would be a change. Daughter took horse to a show 3 days into the bag and noticed a difference.. We are starting to get into showing every weekend so I am hoping this will help him. We have shows on Sat. and Sun and I am real interested in seeing how he handles things on a continual basis…Thanks!


Western Pleasure: I just wanted to tell you I do see a difference in my filly. She’s much quieter to hand walk. She was remaining quieter in her stall during the day for her lay-up. She’s now able to be in her corral during the day and her leg is going to be just fine.I can’t wait to start back riding this fall while using this product.I’ll be ordering more and will keep you posted as we get back to work.
Thanks again,

Gale Tonnelli-Belval

I spoke to you last week. I told you I “thought” the Focus was having an effect on him. I have struggled with this EXTREMELY talented horse for four years. Last weekend we made three solid runs, first NCHA $ won, 2nd in the Non Pro. My errors cost me the two other checks. I still can’t believe this but I’m ordering some more.


Endurance Horses: Emma and Sweetie have been on Focus Equine each day for seven days on Monday. That was the first time I did not have to tranquilize Emma for the farrier. I walked to her stall and saw her soft eyes and decided to see how she would do. I usually tranquilize her right away. She cannot stand still and she jumps around, the energy is uncontrollable and not safe for the farrier. I walked her to the shoeing area and she still had soft eyes, so I did not reach for the drugs. Emma still had energy, but she stood perfectly still and did not move a leg the whole time Mark worked on her. She did start licking his hair and she wanted to lick his hair the whole time as her energy came through her mouth, but I stroked her face and she stood still. I am looking forward to working with Sweetie this weekend. Both horses are now on Focus Equine every other day. I am keeping track of how they are behaving whether they are on Focus Equine every day or every other day.

Carla, thank-you so much for your help. I am very excited about how Emma’s personality is calming down. She has only been under saddle 30 days with months off since then, but now I am getting excited about moving from her round pen ground work to back under saddle work again. 02-09

K. Vilander 2004 USET Endurance Team Member

Agility Dogs: Hi There~ Well I can heartily endorse this for dogs. I am getting some of the best work ever out of my guys! I show at the big Portland (Eukanuba) show and my bitch was amazing…..I have not had this good work out of her in years. She is the classic very talented dog…that blows up and cannot function with stress. There is no question this helped her….. Can you send me the next biggest size? $79.99 I think? I want to give out some for other people with stressy over the top dogs. Very cool! I am thrilled!

Mary in Seattle

delaluzDressage: I have tried a lot of supplements to relax my talented but temperamental mare. If high strung horses are referred to as hot, you would have to call mine volatile. She was anxious, tense and easily distracted. I used to have to put earplugs in her ears when I rode. The best I could hope for was one good ride a week, but oh what a ride! On a good day, I felt like I was sitting on the best horse in the world. I have literally had instructors in the past tell me that they would work with me but not my mare. One day, after a particularly bad ride, I was searching for spooking solutions and I found the Performance Equine website. The idea behind Focus Equine sounded promising so I decided to try it. After about the seventh day I, and others, started to see a change in my mare. The corners of the arena where she would always spook weren’t scaring her. I stopped using the earplugs and she still went through the corners.
Before the Focus Equine, she was often difficult when other horses were in the arena but she doesn’t mind so much anymore. I have shown her in the past with some success but I can’t wait to show now with her on Focus and see how we do. Hopefully, I don’t see any judges comments like, “sensitive handling of a nervous horse.” Thanks for saying so but I’d rather hear about how well my horse did.

Gwyn Lewis

I am a 25 year veteran of endurance racing with 11 Tevis completions and a 5th place in “07”. I started using Performance Equine Products over a year ago and have seen my Arabian endurance horses go from being top 10 finishers to top 5 and some wins. Recently on the same weekend both my horses won the best condition award which says it all. These products have been a great addition to my training program.

Bob Spoor

Well…I bought this for my horse, Jake. He’s a wonderful buckskin qh/perch cross. He’s been abused in the past, and last year a farrier beat him with his rasp and threw rocks at him. He’s been so scared. Even before this happened last year, he was nervous. He hated having people in his corral, whether cleaning or feeding. Definitely head shy. Very jumpy. He’s such a wonderful guy, and feels safe with me, but that’s where it ends. Nobody is able to ride him but me and his trainer (who is helping him with confidence, as well as other issues).

After 3 days on FOCUS, I saw a definite difference. He was calmer, and not so frantic. I rode him bareback, and he was quiet and calm. I stood him in some trees while talking with friends, and he was so calm. He just waited to be told what to do. This was new as well..he would usually hop around and get really nervous.

I can deal with him any way he is. What I can’t deal with is watching him be so uncomfortable with himself and his surroundings. That’s why I’m using your product. The real test will be when he has to be trimmed next (sometime in the next 2 weeks). Our new farrier is calm and wonderful, but Jake has still needed to have his trainer hold him for the last 8 months during trims because he’s petrified. I’m hoping this will help him with this. I’ll let you know.
I look forward to getting my Focus!!


Barrel Horse: WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say about using your product on my 2nd mare. I started “Baby” on it on Wednesday night. The very next day I noticed she was more relaxed in her stall & almost mellow. She is bred to be a race horse & grinds her teeth and has always been anxious. Well, I went to a show today & she didn’t grind her teeth, rode very quiet, exhibitioned 3 times and then hung out tied to the fence with the other horses. Horses bumping & squealing never fazed her at all. She then went out & on ground that she is not comfortable with, as it was very hard, she ran ½ second off one of our best open horses up here and this was only her 2nd time out. I am extremely impressed with your product and have already recommended it to people. I am going to take her off it for the next few days and see how she is. I will be placing another order as soon as I feel I know the size I’m going to need for this year. This is her futurity year and I’m hoping it to be a good one. Thanks for producing this great product!

Susan M. Collier

dreamArab Halter Horse: I wanted to send an update. Dream seems more content. I had surgery for a broken ankle and have a friend ridding him. She said she has not seen him crib and has had some great rides on him (she does not know about the supplement, this was done on purpose, I wanted a true report :)) I will keep you updated. Thanks again for the miltary discount.~ Mandy

2-14-09 Update: I wanted to give you an update on Dream.
He has stopped cribbing about 80 percent of what he used to. I will keep him on this as it seems to be working. Thanks so much.


The story of Marti, the abused pony:
I have a 7 Yr. Welsh Pony who had been physically beat into submission by previous trainer. He is extremely nervous and untrusting. I feel awful that he should have to be so uncomfortable in his own skin. Once into the stall I can now handle him, yet when frightened he tucks his tail and literally squats like a whipped dog. It just breaks my heart 🙁 He is darling and could be very showy, but he is just too nervous. HELP ME HELP HIM? Joey.

1-29-09- He did 2 things today that I suppose most people wouldn’t get so excited about but this is just huge for him. I saw him standing like a bird dog on point in the corner of the pasture. I could see that my neighbor had some surveyors out in the fields. Normally to see men walking around in orange vests he would have run away as if Aliens in orange had just landed and were coming to eat him. This is the first of a curious nature I have ever seen him exhibit as he is generally too busy being afraid. He was adorable with his head tucked and ears forward. He was just so cute that I had to bring him in to love on him. He is still nervous about being haltered and caught but so respectful once he is.

Once I got him in his stall, I filled my pockets with berry treats and was going to brush him. As I walked by Marti’s stall, OH MY GOSH! He walked over to the drop down to greet me. He has never walked toward me for food or anything. Both of these things are so momentous for us and I cannot express how thrilled I am.

So anyway though my income now is limited I will do anything to help heal this little guy, and will be placing an order with you after the first of the month. Thank-you so much for your help with Marti. Who knows, maybe he will be able to be ridden one day? I just want for him to be able to relax in his own skin. Many Blessings,

Joey L.

Trail Horse: Just wanted to give you an update on how your products are working for me. I didn’t see a difference the first week and half, but I rode with a friend yesterday and turned our two colts loose to run with us. I DID see a difference. He was much, much calmer. I didn’t have to keep yelling at him or getting on him about being distracted. He still did the head twitch, but not as often or severe. My friend even noticed a difference. Even when he is tied to the trailer or in the stall, he seems much calmer. I told my friend she should try it on her Paint gelding. His nervousness is even worse than my gelding!

I will definitely be back to get more! Thanks for taking the time to work with me.

Joni Mattos

Glucosamine Testimonial:
I have a 24-year-old Arabian mare whom I’ve had since she was ten, and who taught me how to ride. She’s been in retirement for the last four years because the arthritis in her hocks and one knee had progressed so badly that she could no longer support a rider. When she lay down she had extreme difficulty getting up again, so she almost never lay down (as she is white I can tell whether or not she has). I have had to make several emergency calls to the veterinarian when she couldn’t get up even with my husband’s and my help, and every time as I watched her flat on her side, appearing to give up, I wondered if I was being unfair to her in not putting her down. It has been painful to watch her drag herself around the pasture, and I also noticed a deterioration in her attitude, I assume because she was in pain. She had become a hard keeper, whereas she always used to be one of those horses that seems to get fat on air. I had tried giving her equine joint supplements years ago and didn’t notice any benefits. As I tend to be a skeptical person, as well as having limited funds, I was disinclined to keep trying products whose only proof of efficacy is their own promotional statements. I have always believed in letting the horse be my guide, rather than listening to the claims of the many horse people who consider themselves experts. I decided to only follow the advice of my vet, who said I might as well give her Bute daily because her legs would give out before her stomach would.
Three weeks ago I started my mare on Performance Equine’s glucosamine product only because a friend gave me a bag for free. Within a few days my crippled old horse was trotting across the pasture with her tail in the air! She regularly trots and canters now, and even her walk has improved. The other day I went down to feed and she was lying on her side, which always causes my heart to sink; I called out to her that I would be coming to help her, and she got to her feet and whinnied at me! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my old girl dirty! She has also become much more pleasant to be around and appears more interested in the goings-on of the barn, in addition to putting on enough weight that for the first time in years I may have to reduce her feed. I am so grateful to Performance Equine for helping my mare have a happier retirement – and for quite a reasonable cost, too. I heartily recommend their product.

L. Loofbourrow

“I’ve had my horse on MagRestore and Focus Equine for over six months now. This horse had moments of greatness but would fall apart mentally. He would colic or just plain work himself up over nothing –very fretful and high strung horse. I’ve owned him for 2.5 years and knew he was my match when I tried him. Since then it has been a roller coaster. He has had some front feet pain and ulcers. He got scared and set back and broke his withers. I would get him together only to have one of those things fall apart and never really kept his brain relaxed.  Since being on MagRestore he has finally leveled and consistent. He actually put on weight and is getting a smidgen too fat. Lol! The video is of his first run back from getting his feet right and my plan was to let him cruise. He ran the second fastest time with over 100 barrel racers entered. The next day he was 4th by a tenth of a second with ground trouble at the third. My family and I are so convinced of magnesium’s benefit that we are all taking it now, too. So thankful for this great product not only for my horse, but my family as well.”

Cressent Nickes

This is the second year I have had my nervous-I-don’t-have-to-always-listen-horse on MagRestore.   The difference in his attitude, for the better, is unbelievable.  There is a softness in his eyes that wasn’t there before.  I do a lot of liberty work with my horses, he has become a much more compliant and willing participant.  Bath times are more enjoyable for him.  His skin has stopped crawling when he’s standing quietly.
An added benefit is that I have been able to take him off allergy supplements.  His flaky dandruff is gone.   This is the second Spring environmental allergies haven’t effected him.  Gone are the puffy eyes and the white “allergy snot”.
This horse is now 22 and has been with me since he was two.   It is a welcome miracle to see the horse on a daily basis, that I used to only catch fleeting glimpses of.  My biggest regret is not learning about MagRestore sooner.
I recommend MagRestore to anyone owning a horse displaying nervousness, lack of focus, lack of willingness to be compliant, environmental allergy issues.
Judy M

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