A phenomenal job of calming.

March, 2022 is the second time (the first was many years ago) for using MagRestore on the same horse. He is now 28, lost his last remaining pasture bud in February and lost “it”.

MagRestore has once again done a phenomenal job of calming him.

His new companion is a long 26 retired show jumper who traveled 2,100 miles for retirement in the country— after spending his life being a city kid in a fairly rigid environment:). He is not outwardly nervous, except for a muscle quiver in his flank area when he is unsure of something.

Now that he is eating well, I will be adding MagRestore to his diet. Based on the first and current MagRestore experience with my other horse, I have full confidence MagRestore will “right his ship” as well.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a horse with angst issues, does not like to be brushed, or may have muscle tremor issues.

-Judy M.

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