All I can say is that the proof is there -it definitely works.

Endurance Horse: I had not been certain that I wanted to attempt another limited distance endurance ride with my Mustang, Oreo, because of his rodeo antics at the start of the rides. Leaving camp to the start he bucked, crow-hopped sideways and straight-on, yanked his head up and down, swung his head till he seemed dizzy, grunted, fussed and generally scared me and made me tired trying to control his forward motion. It was scary and embarrassing, and had been happening at every ride we went to. Despite his antics we placed Top 10 and Best Condition a number of times. I was about ready to give it up entirely and settle for general trail riding and horse camping, but I am afraid the competitive part of me wanted to try again.

Endurance Horse: OK -I can tell you I was hugely skeptical about Focus Equine doing what you claimed.
I started giving it to Angel (Monday) 4 days prior to my lesson and she was soooo much more settled than she was at her last lesson.

The following Saturday did a training ride with a group of 5 riders. It was pouring down rain and the wind was really wild. I had second thoughts on even loading her up to go. We hung around till the rain passed and headed off. She was jiggy but totally under control. Normally she would have been totally off her face and I would be hanging on to her to keep control. We headed into the plantation where she normally would have been quite spooky. She spooked a few times but they weren’t nearly as severe as they normally would be. We did lots of hill work and we trotted and cantered most of the way with a couple of gallops. Normally Angel would be out of control in a group situation with speed. She’d wind herself up, get progressively faster and if I ask her to slow down she would end up blocking me, bracing in her neck-Not slowing down. Saturday she was totally different! She was still goey but more relaxed under me and listening. I could actually drop the reins instead of being on her head the whole time as she kept her pace. If I asked her to slow, she did without fighting her face. A couple of times, one of the others galloped by us out in front and I asked her to slow and she did. Normally she would run off blocking me to chase the horse out in front.

It was the first fast ride in a group that she was under control that I can remember in a long time. All I can say is that the proof is there -it definitely works. She was still excited but was under control at all times and I didn’t fight with her once and she was 90% better with her spooking.

She was also better with her heat this time. I rode with a gelding that caused Angel to come into season quite badly. Surprisingly, I still had her focusing on what I was asking her to do. Normally, when she is in season I’ll leave her at home. I don’t bother riding her as she is totally loopy and we end up fighting every minute I ride her, so that was amazing as well.

Tammy Miller~ Tasmania, Australia

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