AQHA was a gift from God!!!!!!

Western Pleasure: 05/30/2009: 6 yr mare kicks bucks at you every time she gets near you paws gate @ feed time broke my foot and back- stopped riding her 3 yr ago. I just ride my other mare. I have used everything but may try this nothing to lose- can’t sell her
Too much money and time invested. I want to ride her, must be crazy.

6/10/09 She has stopped pawing at the gate and she is not as aggressive for her food. She was getting so bad I thought I was going to have to get a crop to protect myself from her. She would rush you at the gate and now she just goes over to her bucket and stands there! This is all without any training or discipline. I will start her slowly on a lunge line this weekend if that goes well, I’m putting my sister on her. She’s younger than me and we’ll go from there. Everything looks real good! Maybe your ad popping up on my computer under AQHA was a gift from God!!!!!!
Thank You,

Barbara Kiernan

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