AWESOME product I will never run out again.

Thank you so much for sending me Performance Equine’s MSM with Aloe Vera. I put it to the test. I have been giving liquid Aloe Vera in Lucky’s feed for 6 about months, he is a perfect candidate for ulcers and this seems to be helping him eat his feed. After one of our many phone conversations I started him on MSM with Aloe Vera, after 2 days he was eating all his feed at once and wanting more. I let him run out to see if I saw a difference. WOW did he talk to me, within 2 days he walked away from his morning feeding, continuing to eat his hay, grass and acting hungry. That evening he whinnied and was acting really hungry, took about two bites and walked away. I went into the house and got some Ranitidine, gave it to him and 30 minutes later he was trying to eat his feed. At that point I knew it was his ulcers.
WOW what a product. I immediately ordered another bag, you had to it me in 2 days and within 2 feedings he was right back on his feed. He is knocking the bottom out of his bucket and wanting more. AWESOME product I will never run out again. I can’t thank you enough for all the time you have spent with me on the phone, all of Performance Equine products are great and they work.
Thanks again!

Sheryl Boyd and Lucky

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