Completely amazed with your MagRestore product!

Dear PEN, I’m writing to tell you how completely amazed I am with your MagRestore product! I bought a nine year old 16hh Morgan Sport Horse in March 2016. He was being sold because after working with him for nearly five years, the woman that owned him felt that he was simply “too much horse” for her and finally gave up. Having owned a spirited Morgan mare, I thought I could manage him.

When “Atlas” first arrived at our stable, he was completely out of control. OK, I thought, new home, new surroundings etc, he’ll settle in.

After a month he was still very high strung. He always had his head high in the sky and ran circles around me just leading him from his stall or paddock to the arena. He wouldn’t stand still when tied up to groom or tack. It appeared that he had very sensitive skin as he would avoid even the softest brushes.

Although I was told that he was “a bit green” on the trail,” it turned out that he was frightened to death! First came the tail swishing, then he’d freeze up and literally shiver, followed by spinning or backing, but absolutely refusing to go forward. After a couple of months of professional training, he was better behaved but still anxious and very high headed, looking around all of the time, with little focus. I seriously began thinking that I too “had too much horse.”

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