Could it be the magnesium?

I used MagRestore for years with my TB gelding and I now use it for my mares. There was a period where I cut the dosage from 3 scoops to 1 scoop, since it seemed more cost effective for me. I kept this dosage up for a few months and the barn owner told me how spooky and unruly my younger mare was and I gave some thought to why she was acting this way. Could it be the magnesium?

To test this, I went back to my original dosage of 3 scoops per day. After about a week or so, I got a report from the barn manager that my youngster was a calm and gentle little mare and her behavior was very safe.

I realize that the magnesium is important in the diet of my horses. I am so happy I found this product so many years ago because it has saved me a lot of disappointment when I am working, playing, and enjoying my horses. Thank you, Performance Equine Nutrition! 

 - Marian, CA

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