Definitely made the spook much more manageable.

So here’s an update on Harmony…I’ve had her back on the Focus Equine steady for about 3 weeks now. No huge change in the first 1.5 weeks but then I started to notice her not holding onto her spook as much and relaxing through her body quicker. Last Sunday she was a little spooky but a lot more malleable through her body. Managed to get into her more with the ride and ask for more with the lateral work. Last Monday, we had a lesson and she was absolutely flawless. Complete night and day difference from the nightmare she was the week before where we needed to throw a running martingale on her to help me out because she was pulling and spooking and just being miserable. Following last Monday, she ended up having 4 days off so when I went to ride her yesterday I was expecting a spooking rodeo – especially at the back door where she ALWAYS spooks…even after being worked for an hour. Well, yesterday she didn’t put a foot wrong. I was on and off in about a half hour and she was quiet and had her head down and was trotting around like a fancy quiet hunter horse. Even the trainer commented on how fancy she looked. Today I was curious if we would get 2 good days in a row (usually rare because we never know what version of Harmony is going to come out of the stall). Any ways, today she went in the arena and started out nice and quiet. Even my friend was watching and she actually ordered some product from you for her horse and her statement today, and I quote “Wow, Harmony usually has about 10 explosions by now”.

Needless to say, I think we have a winner. The Focus Equine has not taken the spook 100% away but it has definitely made it much more manageable. Like she will look at the object and I’m able to get her attention back much easier and have her settle. Also, if she does spook, she doesn’t hold a grudge about it and lets it go and settles much faster. This past week has been awesome so hopefully this is a continuing trend in the weeks/months to come! I currently have her on just shy of a scoop/day divided between 2 feedings. I’ll probably experiment down the road and she if she can go on less.

I just wanted to let you know and feel free to use any of what I write as a testimony 🙂

Jennifer W.

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