Excellent Customer Service!

In addition to top quality products which I can see the results in my quirky young horse their customer service is excellent.

I set my young horse up on MagRestore and Focus subscriptions. Only to realize my youngster does not like the MagRestore powder (my previous horse had no issues with it) once it arrived and i started feeding it.

I couldn’t figure out how to change my subscription on the website from powder to pellets so I used the contact form. Very quickly I received a phone call, yep an actual phone call.

The service rep was lovely, she updated my subscription to pellets for me and told me they were sending me free of charge a back of MagRestore pellets to carry me over till my next subscription shipped. Pellets arrived in a few days and my horse is happily eating them and definitely more relaxed and comfortable in his own skin.

 - Jen, Silo View Farm

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