Focus Equine really made her calm down.

I purchased a flighty horse and it was a two day trip to get her home. When we unloaded her, it was like trying to hold back two race horses. Birds spooked her, she couldn’t stand to be in the barn, and she even jumped when her grain bucket fell. She just could not settle down and take in that she had a new place to live at.

Gave her Focus Equine and I truly believe that helped settle her down and make the transition of living in a new place. She now stalls and you can leave her tied in the barn all day if you would want, and she thinks before she acts now.

She’s always going to have some spook to her, but Focus Equine really made her calm down so we could build our relationship.
When I start hauling her again in three months, I’m going to be feeding her Focus Equine. Helps her a lot.

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