He feels better all the way around

MSM Testimonial with a severely allergic horse
OTTB: Trey is 8 yrs old and has had chronic sinusitis since he was 3 yrs old. He has been scoped and sinuses drilled for exam and there was lots of inflammation and at that time diagnosed with “Chronic Sinusitis”. The up keep to maintain this has been very expensive and never 100%. We were looking at getting his sinuses flushed and the vet explained that this would help for a while. 4 weeks prior to appointment to drill and flush the sinuses we took him off of everything, Platinum Performance Allergy formula, etc,etc. All herbal remedies did not work either. At the time of taking away all supplements, Carla suggested we put him on straight doses of MSM twice per day. Within 7 days everything started to clear up. When he would work he would get some discharge. When the vet showed up to do the procedure he was completely clear and when he did his skull X-Ray there was no “Fluid Line” in his skull. This showed that the MSM took all inflammation away and there was nothing building up inside anymore. His sinus cavities have been clear since. The vet did not want to drill his sinuses because he said there is “No Need” he is doing great on the MSM treatment. I keep him on 2 scoops of MSM per day 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m. He feels better all the way around, much happier, no headaches and no drainage. He is now a pleasure to ride and has tons of energy.

D. Bond and Trey

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