Holy moly what a DIFFERENT HORSE!

Buckles and I have been down a long road. She’s always been prone to bucking, been touchy in her flanks, always ran around with her head high (which I’m not a fan of). So after getting her adjusted by the chiropractor, he suggested that she would be a good candidate for MagRestore.

I would give anything a try because my last cow that I roped, I had it dallied and she went into this crazy bucking fit and I got the rope tangled around my arm and the cow ripped me off. I couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t working down. She wasn’t necessarily working up, but she wasn’t working down. So I gave it about 10 days of the loading dose before I tried getting on her again, and holy moly what a DIFFERENT HORSE! She was no longer flinchy and touchy about spurs (if she even felt them she would crow hop).

She now rides off with her head low and relaxed from the get go. I no longer have to lunge her before getting on. She rides off every time like she’s been there done that, she’s not snorty anymore, way more confident, and maneuvers off spurs exactly like the others do. It has changed my relationship with her from being painful and like a job to something that we both enjoy and she even runs up and is ready to be saddled and go now. Even her demeanor in the pasture with the others is so much better.

We have been on the maintenance dose, which for her is 2 scoops am unless we are doing heavy work in the heat, for about 6 weeks now. I upgraded to the bucket bc man, we aren’t going without this stuff. I’m so glad Kit from Animal Krackers suggested this.
 - Ashley and Buckles

Buckles - horse and owner


Buckles the horse

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