I know they work and Vira is proof!

I know they work and Vira is proof!

Vira is your typical hot blooded and anxious chestnut off the track thoroughbred mare. I struggled for years trying to find a way manage her many quirks and nothing seemed to work. My friend gave me a pamphlet on Performance Equine Nutrition’s MagRestore and she checked almost every single box for magnesium deficiency such as consistently inconsistent behaviors under saddle. She had major sensitivity to bruising and touch. She had chronic back and body soreness and cranky and unfriendly behavior.

She would always have repetitive motions both in hand and under saddle. She always would work up and not down. She could never relax physically and/or mentally. And she had limited range of motion due to muscle tension. After a month of giving her MagRestore she was like a different horse both under saddle and in hand. All of her problems from before were either gone or severely diminished. She is almost a completely different horse. Most days it’s hard to imagine that she is same horse that I struggled with for a long time. I always recommend Performance Equine Nutrition products to my friends because I know they work and Vira is proof. - 

Kelsey, CT

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