I am so excited for future races with my mare.

I have been running my mare for about 3 yrs and in 2 of those three years I have been dealing with a tying-up issue with her and anxiety. Every time she had a stress incurred situation a day or two after she would start tying-up on me. It would take up to two hours of walking and sedation to get her back to normal. I took her to my vet and did a whole bunch of tests and a full blood panel on her. His conclusion was to much fat, protein and carbohydrates. I put her on a strict diet. But every once in a while she would still tie up. Her anxiety was really bad also. Any time I took her with another horse I would have to fight with the herd bound behavior. I came across the Focus equine and was interested in trying it. So I called THE MOST WONDERFUL INTELLIGENT NICEST PERSON. CARLA. We had a very extended phone call on her first conversation. We talked about putting her on Magnesium and the Focus Equine. She has been on these for two weeks now. I had to have neck surgery in march and was finally released the 9th of September. I took my mare to her first race of the year since October 2009. She ran like a rock star. Ran the same time as she did at the end of last season. Ran in and acted like she loved her job. And no herd bound behavior what so ever. And the best part was no tying-up signs what so ever. I am so excited for future races with my mare. Thank you so much~ Carla you’re the best.


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