I am still in shock at how much this supplement has helped him.

I wanted to send a quick note over to thank you for your help. I have a 15 year old PSG/I1 dressage horse that I was having some trouble with. On turnout, he was a mess. He would pace, panic, run, and would dig a trench so deep along the fence line we continually had to repair and refill the dirt. It got so bad I was at the point of looking to get some type of pasture companion just for him. (There are other horses turned out next to him, but they do not share a fence line). I was skeptical when I put him on the MagRESTORE, because the last thing I wanted to do was to have him on “another supplement”. So unless I could see a noticeable difference within the 10 days I was going to pass. Day 6 of him being on the MagRESTORE, I turned him out in the pasture he gets the most upset in. I watched him pretty much all day and he did not run, pace, panic, not once. I was amazed..I kept waiting for him to start. One of my other horses would come up screaming to him at his fence line running and bucking and my 15 year old would respond back and then would go about eating grass. I am still in shock at how much this supplement has helped him. Thanks again!


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