I am very happy with the product and also being able to chat with you on the phone really helped.

OTTB Story:Fleche Bleue is a TB mare. She is now ten years old, and I have owned her for 5½ years now. I met her when she was a filly. I was training horses at the time and I started her under saddle. Her owner at the time wanted her to be broken before she went on the track. As a young horse, she had everything that always made me like TBs: athletic, sensitive, willing to learn and very personable. After three weeks under saddle, I could take her out on trails, cross busy roads, gallop her in the vineyards: she was brave, and very attentive. She never bucked, or did anything that could throw me off. Then she went on the track. I could not prevent her from going to the track (the owner wanted more money than I could possibly afford to buy her) but I promised her that I would give her a home when she was done racing. So I did. It became very clear that being on the track as been physically and emotionally very damaging to her. She was down to skin and bones and she was tagged as dangerous on the track: she was biting, kicking; she had marks on her nose and gums from the chains. It took three men to tack her up on her last race, and she got in the habit of bucking off jockeys before going into the starting gates. I gave her six month in pasture, which according to friends who work with TBs off the track, should have been enough time for her brain and body to relax. But it was not the case. When I tried to put her back to work, the picture was pretty gloomy. She was nervous, tense, fighting the bit just fighting everything, period. She could only go one speed: really fast! It felt like she was constantly running away.

Barrel Horse: Hello- I just wanted to touch base with you since my last order, which was the first time I used your product and I am happy to report that this supplement truly worked. My mare is like a different horse and if she has a fit it is over quickly. No more trying to win the wars with her, there are none anymore! She has responded so well to it that she has now been started on barrels at open races and nothing seems to bother her so she will now be traveling to Arizona to do some training and competition runs this winter. Thank you so much for reassuring me that this product would truly work as I was a skeptic and had tried every calming agent out on the market. I will forever be a customer. I just sent in an order for more, I have been feeding 1 scoop everyday and with the next order I will go to every other day and see if the results stay the same.
I was at the point where I almost gave this great horse away and this is a horse I have raised from the day she was born. I am very happy with the product and also being able to chat with you on the phone really helped.
Thanks again.

Shannon Clay & Grace

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