I cannot imagine life without Performance Equine!!!

I started my son’s heading horse a month ago on Focus Equine and we are just amazed at the change in his attitude. He was a very nervous horse and could only run a few steers on him before he would just be pouring sweat (even in the winter) Now he is so calm and relaxed and really focused on his job. They have placed 3rd at the last two rodeo’s and are really looking like a team! I am so impressed with the product that I am starting my young horse on it for more focus and my sons heel mare so she won’t be so nervous in the box! Also just ordered the Magnesium chloride Mineral bath, thanks Performance Equine USA making a product that really let’s a horse work to its full potential!

I truly could go on and on about how much my mare has changed, thanks to your products. I brought her home in April and she had never be worked outside before(broken and started in the quiet confines of an indoor) She was so stressed about living in Suburbia and would barely stand still long enough to eat her hay. Fast forward to now- she is fabulous-very little phases her , and she no longer stands in high alert mode. I am able to ride her outside of my ring and around my property.She feels like a mature horse, and not a four year old! Today I had a backhoe and a dump truck here to remove my manure pile and was able to work her while both were in action. she literally walked right up to the immobile backhoe and just stood there like it was an every day sight. I cannot imagine life without Performance Equine!!!
Enormous Thanks! 🙂


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