I cannot tell you how grateful I am I get to be with him for a while longer.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am I get to be with him for a while longer.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this amazing MagRestore product that literally saved my old guys life! I have never before written a testimonial for anything, but I had to for this to hopefully help anyone else dealing with an older horse with Cushings Disease.

My 30 plus year old quarter horse gelding Willy (Registered name Will Rogers which fits him!), was diagnosed with Cushings a year ago along with arthritis, expected in an older horse that was a roper in his early years. He has been with me for 20 years now and I helped with him since he was 6 years old, so I love him deeply and would do anything to give him a good quality life in his older years. He is on two Equioxx a day, one morning and night, and Prascend (or Pergolide) once a day, along with every supplement known to man, but I would still find him down unable to get up over and over again. I would have to help him up (as best I could being 66 myself!) or get help to help him up over and over again. It was a nightmare and I felt so helpless and horrible for him at how he must be so terrified to not be able to get up. He would just fall down with all legs stretched out stiff as a board from muscle cramping,,,it was just plain awful :( I would give him banamine or butte for the pain and massage and bend his legs until he could move them and I had a chance of getting him up :(

I actually had a euthanasia date of January 3, 2020 when my best friend Corinna suggested trying this Magnesium supplement her friend Carla had created.

My God what a blessing! She ordered me my first bag to see if it would work, and then another, and I continue of course!

I have no words for the transformation in him! He gets up on his own 100% of the time.

I have not had to help him up at all from day three that I started him on MagRestore, he is King Willy again bossing around his buddies and moving awesome! And, he gets really good sleep at night. I have cameras on him and he is his safe here with me on my 5 acres with his own cozy stall, covered paddock and huge pasture with his two 25 year old buddies (yes I have a geriatric barn :) I absolutely love older horses (all horses) and believe they all deserve the best care after all the years they gave to us of anything we asked of them.

I have been with horses for 54 years, and will never give up on them until I absolutely have to (been with 6 of mine on their last day :)

I cannot tell you how grateful I am I get to be with him for a while longer. Forever grateful.


 - Lynn and King Willie

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