I have decided that when it’s time to show my Arabians, I will put them on Focus.

Arab Rescue Mare: Sonia’s auction rescue-
Sonia was so traumatized that all she focused on was trying to escape her stall. She was literally climbing the walls. She was extremely herd bound and during one of her fits, we heard a crash. We found Sonia, standing in the middle of her paddock with her lower mouth hanging having been torn off to one side. She had just ripped her whole lower 70% lip off.

Dr. Timothy Galusha assessed the situation and began to stitch. She dreaded us when we came into her paddock to give her a shot of antibiotic. Although Sonia had healed from her injury to her face she had not entirely healed mentally. I painfully watched her block us out. She was still traumatized from being torn away from her family and having suffered such a horrific injury. Her eyes were so distant and sad all the time. It was like she was in her own secure world and never let anybody in. Training her was virtually hopeless as you were constantly asking her to refocus. My mom finally had enough and went on a mission to find a supplement to help Sonia- anything from moody mare to a calming vitamin. One night she discovered Equine Focus by Performance Equine. She read all the great reviews and so we tried it. She changed from this traumatized extremely spacey horse to a re-focused, ready to please equine. While on Focus we were able to bathe her twice! She’d never been bathed in her twelve years of her life. She no longer pushes through her stall door and we no longer have to use a crop to keep her at distance.

She now finally respects her place as an equine and has finally accepted that we are not here to hurt her.

She was shown for the first time in her life at age thirteen at Region 16 Arabian horse show May 9-12 /09 and brought home third and fourth place. Thank you Performance Equine for this wonderful product.

I have decided that when it’s time to show my Arabians, I will put them on Focus. It is expensive but the results are amazing. While I spend so much money on the shows, I want my horses to perform well and with no doubt on Focus they are performing better. Thank you Carla for a wonderful amazing product that truly works. Sincerely

Fran Bonenfant

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