I have used these products for several years now with great success.

Dressage: I have used these products for several years now with great success. What I was so impressed with was that this was the first time anyone talked to me about a nutritional approach instead of chemical for my difficult horses with mental challenges. I train in the world of Dressage that taxes the mental concentration of both horse and rider. When they approached me with the new Focus product I was happy to use my very sensitive horses for the experiment. I told no one in my barn that I was doing this experiment. I put several of the horses on Focus. In just 4 short days one of my assistants came to me because one of the horses seemed sick. I asked for more details.
I was told that my personal horse had walked up the barn unusually quiet and at the end of the lead rope instead of pulling her to the cross ties. It was one of the horses I had put on Focus Equine. This horse, for years, was one that only I could ride with out problems. She now has gone on to letting others ride her and is being used as a School Master to teach others the skill of Dressage. Most of my horses in training are now on Focus Equine to help them to be able to do the rigors of intense Dressage Training and showing.

Darren Taplin

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