The turnaround he has made is almost hard for me to believe.

Today marked four weeks that I have had my gelding on MagRestore. I have to admit that I was beginning to lose hope I’d ever have a happy horse but the turnaround he has made is almost hard for me to believe.

I have been reluctant to admit out loud that MagRestore is working for fear I would “jinx” it, but I think I’m finally going to believe my eyes. So many of those symptoms I had marked on the checklist have dropped off and become less frequent and some have disappeared. He is no longer trying to bite me every time I touch him. He hasn’t pinned his ears during grooming in a few weeks, he is no longer antsy when getting saddled or the girthed tightened, and he is starting to tolerate crossties again.

These are only a few specific things to mention, but overall I can say he just seems happier. He seems more peaceful. The horse I knew was inside of him. Another thing I’ve noticed is his rideability. I didn’t connect the dots until tonight when I was thinking about it, but the last handful of times I have ridden, he has been fantastic. Responsive, light, supple, and no negative behaviors. He seems less stiff too! I walk-trot-cantered for the first time since last fall.

I am afraid to get my hopes up too high for fear of being let down, but I am very happy with the results I’ve seen so far. I remember you telling me he could be your “poster child” for Mg shortfall and I think this was a great choice for him.

Anyways, I just wanted to write to say that I am so happy with MagRestore. I really do feel it has helped my boy; thank you for creating such a great product.

 - Caryn, NY 

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