I’ve been a PEN client for eight years.

Tinsel is not the easiest of horses and I’ve spent a decade looking for the right calming supplement. Focus works really well for us.  Six months of the year I ride light dressage, forward, and relaxed with more trail riding. But it hasn’t always been so relaxed! 

Tinsel has always been on turmeric and either glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, or some kind of joint support.  X-Rays in 2017 showed kissing spine. We worked on his core, changed riding styles, got rid of the dressage saddle, and got a lightweight trail saddle. We tried more turnout, less stall time, and moved to the mountains. Tinsel’s osteopath likes MSM and the purest of supplements. I’ve been a PEN client for eight years.

Today I make my grain bags for a week at a time and I use Focus every day. We love MagRestore, Mag Oil, but most of all - Focus.  I’m thinking about trying the joint supplements next!

- Katrina and Tinsel


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