I was able to quietly clip her ears for the first time.

I started my mare on MagRestore a few days ago, she normally acts as if she has vision problems – spooks at things that aren’t there, at times some pretty severe head-tossing – I rode her yesterday at home and was able to do figure 8’s at the lope – including flying lead changes, she was extremely quiet and such a pleasure to ride. I used to show her in open shows in trail (and win), horsemanship and pleasure – the true test for her will be when I have the opportunity to take her to another show and see if I can keep her attention, and attempt these classes again. I am anxiously awaiting next season to see if she spooks at obstacles away from home that she used to perform with such ease. I also started my younger mare on the same thing – some of her “issues” are of course training, but I was able to quietly clip her ears for the first time. I hope to keep both mares on your product long-term and see positive effects. Will keep you posted!

Kathi Zellers

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