L.F. Oklahoma

I have raised and owned a horse thought to have PSSM in some form or another. But tested negative. I have always fed and treated him as such but dealt with many health issues despite my efforts. Constant all over body soreness with the his top line being the worse. Inability to pick up his hind feet for any length of time for the farrier. Spooking at strange things at strange times. Tying Up Resentment to brushing of any kind or blankets. Frettful at times resistance in turning in tight circles.

But after being on MAGRestore a week the difference is unbelievable! Now after a full month for the first time since he was two I can sweat scrap him with out an attitude and resistance! Brushing and and saddling are no longer an issue and he seems relieved! I look forward to see what the future holds for him now. I should note that THIS BULLY RAPS is a top barrel horse at age 10 despite all the issues he deals with!


L.F. Oklahoma

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