Mag restore is amazing.

Mag restore is amazing. I have a gelding I’ve had since he was 3 mths old that is now 25. Some 10+ years back he started spooking at little things. He gradually over the years continued to get worse to where you could not ride him or even walk up to him without him freaking and being so wild eyed, you would have thought someone had beat him. I had come to believe he was losing his eye sight. We had even talked about how we might have to put him down. I came across this page several months back and read the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency and decided to give it a try. Within 3-5 days of loading doses my horse was his old self. No spooking, no flinching when I touched him and no freaking out when you walk up to him. I did not tell my family I had tried anything and they all noticed the difference. This literally saved my horses life. I never in a million years would have thought a horse could have a vitamin deficiency that would make their whole personality change. Thank you for such a great supplement.

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