MagRestore & Focus have Ditto acting like a normal horse!!!

Just a note to say the MagRestore & Focus have Ditto acting like a normal horse!!!  My husband just came in from the barn after doing night check & said he was just delightful.  Today he performed beautifully for his trainer/rider who will show him when our show season commences here in Texas.

He gets 3 scoops Mag AM & PM (6 total/day) and a scoop of Focus each morning.  He is a 16.2 Hanoverian.  The cresty neck is almost entirely gone and no more sore back.  Saddle fitter says saddle fit is perfect.  Our horse has a new lease on life!  He just looks happy!!!  I’m not going to change a thing on the dosage of your products unless you think I’m overdosing him.  Don’t care about the cost.  I have also cut his low starch/low sugar grain to 1 lb three times / day + both grass hay & alfalfa, about 15-16 lbs total each day.  Turn out is our indoor sand arena with lots of large doors & windows where sun shines in.  He is exercised at home 2-3 times per week and he is hauled to a training barn for two training rides each week.

Our journey with Ditto has been a challenging one.  With your consultation & wonderful products he is telling us we may have it right now!

His farrier says his feet look great, he is moving great with no unevenness at all and last 6 months has only seen the vet for vaccinations.

Just wanted to let you know….keep doing what you do. Thanks so much!

 -  PEN customer in Celina, TX

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