MagRestore has made a huge impact and I tell everyone about it.

Over the past year, I had been having more and more trouble with my mare, Indy – she wouldn’t take my leg, fought the bit (every bit), wouldn’t stand still for mounting, and then often refused to move once I was on. Once she did move, she lunged forward or scrambled (like a car stuck stuck in park) and then didn’t want to just walk. I tried tack changes, outside training, Depo, and trying to ride her down. Nothing was working and she was so tense it felt like it was all she could do not to explode. A simple tack change would completely lock her up and she would stand like a giraffe with her head stuck way up in the air. Even in the stall or out in the field, her muscles were rock hard, and she was practically holding her breath. I could not ride her anymore – she was so frazzled and felt unsafe. I am thankful she is a sweet horse.

After only a few days on MagRestore, she was walking off quietly, snorting happily, and has since turned back into my old horse again. Even if she’s excited about something, she walks off quietly and her movement is free again – all of the “stuck in park” behavior is totally gone. I just went to a large trail event and she was outstanding, and the people who knew the trouble I’d been having couldn’t believe the change.
MagRestore has made a huge impact and I tell everyone about it.


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