MagRestore very likely saved my horse from early retirement.

MagRestore very likely saved my horse from early retirement. He began displaying all the magnesium deficiency behaviors—bucking, explosiveness, heightened tension, tight muscles, anhidrosis, hypersensitivity, working up, and just general crankiness—about 18 months-2 years ago. I tried everything to help him—new saddle, regular chiro and acupuncture, full lameness workup, neurologic evaluation, joint injections, and time off. It took a new massage therapist suggesting a magnesium deficiency for us to find something that worked.

I initially started him on 5000mg of magnesium malate capsules from Amazon and then switched to MagRestore, which is cost-effective and so easy to feed. I love the way it smells and my horse eats it without complaint. I started with 2 scoops of MagRestore and was finding some progress but felt like the dosing wasn't quite right. I spoke with Carla, and she recommended 6 scoops a day—my horse is a 17.2hh Oldenburg gelding, so he's a big, very sensitive blood-type horse in a consistent training program. Her recommendation was right on because I now feel like I have my horse back.

I've had him for 6.5 years and knew his erratic behavior was not his norm. As confirmation of his progress, the massage therapist worked on him again about 6 weeks after we started the magnesium and was amazed at how different he looked and felt. His muscling structure has changed now that he can relax, and she said she could work on him so much easier than on her prior visit. I no longer feel like I'm riding a bottle rocket ready to explode, and while we still have some things to work through, MagRestore very seriously saved my horse from early retirement. We'll keep at the current dose for a while longer and see if we can back off a bit for maintenance, but for now, he's relaxed, happy, and back to enjoying his job. - Sarah, SC

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