Over the moon.

Hi Carla,

Just placed another order for your MagRestore and thought I should touch base with you on how much I appreciate your product. Nicky has been on MagRestore for two years and I don’t even need to increase his dosage when traveling to shows or clinics.

One of the biggest stresses in his life was trailering. He would have a complete meltdown if in the trailer alone and once I hauled him with another horse, he was the easiest and most relaxed hauler. Last winter I lost the other horse that I had been competing with Nicky. I decided that after traveling thousands of miles over the past several years that perhaps Nicky could accept traveling alone. We spent the winter taking short journeys where he progressively became more and more relaxed about being in the trailer solo. When I started, he was anxious, but no meltdowns.

When I first was in contact with you and ordered the MagRestore, you included a 7 day trial of Focus. I had never tried the Focus but when getting ready for his first long haul, I added it to his feed a few days in advance. He became more relaxed and focused and traveled very well. This carried over to his performances where he is now one of the more settled horses at the show. He can now transfer from warm-up to the dressage ring and perform better than before. The difference is very noticeable and I keep receiving comments on how much Nicky has finally grown up and matured and settled.

This spring I was visiting a friend who has a nice horse but had stopped competing. The horse was always anxious and inconsistent mentally, even at home. She was familiar with Nicky and I told her about your product and how it made a difference with him. I gave her your contact information but didn’t know if she would actually give your product a try. About 6 weeks later, I received a text from her thanking me for giving her your information. Last weekend at a competition, I ran into her and she was competing! She was over the moon with the results your product has made with her horse and it was fun for me to hear her excitement because I know the feeling.

Thank you!!


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