she is much more relaxed now

Barrel horse: Hi, there was a markedly great improvement in one of the mares–we even notice a difference handling her on the ground–tho she was not bad on the ground-she is much more relaxed now. Going in the arena was her biggest challenge, and she went in without my husbands help on the 2nd day (when she is normally worse). The other mare seems better, enough so that I will keep her on the product for a couple of more months. I am definitely eager to see if the improvements are long lasting. I gave the mares a dose in the am and pm the day of the races? Is this a good method?? (Yes- this is fine to do if you think your horse needs it.- PE USA)

I raced the one mare that was the worst about going in the arena 4 times this past weekend (which is rare) and on the 4th day which would have been the worst, she went in again without my husband having to lead her in. I tell everyone about the product. When I get back to Oregon, people who know this mare will be amazed too!!
Thank you,

Rosanne Strobel

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