Showing huge progress with the pellets.

We have an AQHA mare that has literally put us through the wringer. Since we purchased her, it has been one downfall after another. When we started her in training, she seemed “off” in her gait. Then her nerves seemed to become an issue. When stalled – she cribbed. Once a nice mare to be around, the further she got into training, the worse she became. Thinking that perhaps she simply wasn’t “prepared” for the stress of training, we basically “put her out to pasture” even though she was a 4-year-old and past the training stage. Maybe she just needed to be a horse a bit longer.

Now with Spring fast approaching, we decided to give her another try. Some days were better than others but she was still very tense, often shaking her head and spooking at invisible “monsters” on the ground! We tried EVERYTHING. Special headgear, blinders, hoods that are designed to calm and block light as well, a few calming supplements, you name it – we tried it! Fancy expensive cribbing collars because she still cribbed.

We were almost to the point of using her only for breeding purposes even though she was so young and extremely athletic, when a friend recommended your product – MagRestore. She said we would have to heavily dose her in the beginning, since she showed so many signs of what our friend thought was a magnesium deficiency. After about three days of feeding the maximum dose twice daily, we noticed she seemed calmer and wasn’t cribbing nearly as much.

Long story short, this mare is back in training and has stopped looking on the ground for “monsters,” has stopped shaking her head, and is back smooth in her gait! We are ASTOUNDED at the difference in her demeanor and we will make absolutely certain to never be out of this effective product!

FYI: We found through experimentation that the powder worked better for our mare than the convenient pellet form, but we have another mare in the recovery stages of EPM and she is showing huge progress with the pellets.


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