So much more rideable, tractable, and pleasurable to ride.

First, thank you for sending my latest order of MagRestore so promptly. Now I can leave for my trip knowing my horses have enough MagRestore while I’m away.

Second, I wanted to relate that 3 weeks on MagRestore has made my Hanoverian (Rotspon) mare so much more rideable, tractable, and pleasurable to ride. She is a big, powerful, often cranky and opinionated girl with magnificent gaits and a heavily muscled body with a cresty neck. People often mistake her for a stallion. When doing flying changes she would often launch herself and take off running into the next state (Iowa or Wisconsin, take your pick) Terrifying to say the least. Now her canter feels not only more fluid and easy but her changes, while having jump, are fluent and she stays in hand. My trainer and I did not thoroughly trust her but since she’s been on MagRestore she has been steady-eddy in her work with no blow ups…the worst is a petulant swish of her majesty’s tail. Even her expression has changed…from guarded and put-upon to goo-goo eyes.

Now you can understand why I regard MagRestore as having performed a miracle on my mare and that I would not dare to be without it!

Thank you for your product, advice, support and GREAT service!

Ever onward,
Evelina C.

P.S. My gelding, for whom I ordered MagRestore in the first place, is steadily improving…not as dramatic as my mare, but I’ll take every bit. I believe his magnesium deficiency had been severe and long-term so I’m giving him plenty of time.

Evelina C.

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