Thank you CARLA!

I’ve used the Focus Equine on two different mares. One was my 8 yr old western pleasure mare. She’s not goofy, but has off days where she’ll spook over anything. Carla from Focus Equine sent me a 7 day trial packet. I used it on this mare and what a difference. She was quieter and able to focus and not freak out over small things. I ordered a 30 day supply and used it on my yearling filly that I was showing in Lunge Line and in hand trail. I didn’t lunge her until she was 13 months. She wasn’t lunged a lot, so the show circuit was new and scary, plus I wasn’t about to lunge the crud out of her. She was extremely scared and you’d never know what to expect from her. Carla helped me adjust the amount to supplement her with. This little filly was just awesome in lunge line and trail. We won the in hand trail competition under the CCC in California. After administering the Focus Equine for three shows, it helped her focus and we no longer have to give her anything! It’s unbelievable! Thank you CARLA!

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