Thank you for such wonderful products and excellent service.

My 6 year old mare has been much more focused in her work and she has also gained considerable confidence since she’s been on MagRestore. She was a lot more spooky before and she often became anxious during training sessions since she was not sure what was expected of her. She now takes it all in stride and when she hears something in the bush, she just listens but carries on working. She is also a very easy keeper but she has lost weight and even though she is getting more hay now, she hasn’t gained it back again which is a good thing. I have just put my Hanoverian/TB mare on this product as well since she has always had tight muscles and she is very spooky. After 1 week on the loading dose, she doesn’t jump out of her skin anymore and she is less sensitive to being touched and brushed too. I love your products and my mares are truly benefiting from them!

I love Focus and MagRestore! For the first time in a long time I am able to brush, bathe, and clip my horse without him flinching. He actually loves to be brushed. But most importantly my horse is able to make a run and focus on his job as a barrel horse. I truly believe in both of these products.

Focus Equine has been a Godsend! Our very lovely, but very tense Hanoverian mare is getting ready for her Mare Performance Test. She has a somewhat hot, tense nature. Focus has helped her settle down and get to work! Her rideability has been greatly enhanced, using Mag-restore and Focus Equine!

Focus Equine has taken my passed around, spooky, un-willing barrel horse to the 2010 CCBRCA first place winner and has even moved him up into the 2D. A quieter, nicer, more well behaved horse, that is now a joy to ride and compete on.

I have been using Mag restore and Focus Equine for about 6 months and LOVE them both! Focus has helped my 5 year old mare turn from a fire breathing dragon (both on and off the ground!) to a quite, docile and willing horse. I Love this product!

I love FOCUS and use it on my 4 y/o accident prone gelding who is on month 3 of paddock rest. Before I started giving him the FOCUS, I would come home from work to a new cut or swelling that he somehow managed to do to himself despite my best efforts to pony proof his paddock. Since he’s been on the FOCUS though, he has had no new injuries and is safe and quiet to handle on the ground even with being out of work and being a young rambunctious horse. Thank you Performance Equine USA for a great product to help with this down time instead of having to use sedatives.

I have been using mag restore for about 2 months. I have tried focus and love it too. My crabby not willing to go alone horse has completely changed. He is very pleasant and much happier. I wish I would have tried this over a year ago!

Focus is great…..has assisted in over 3000 miles on a fellow who is racey and spooky–all at once! It really keeps his mind on the work.

Got the mag and lip balm within a few days of our phone call. Thank you so much. I put my cranky TB mare (20) who is pregnant on the mag and she seems very docile now. maybe she’s always had a deficiency??? My 3 1/2 year old warmblood filly is on the mag and every 2 days focus and is doing splendidly. Thank you for such wonderful products and excellent service.


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