Thank You for your wonderful product…its amazing!

My barrel mare was almost to the point to where I was going to have to quit running her. She was so uncontrollable while trying to get her into the alley. She would back up away from it no matter how hard I kicked her forward. She would back over anything in her path. She was vet checked and sent to the chiropractor and she wasn’t hurting anywhere. I have tried other products to calm her and nothing was working. I put her on Focus Equine for 6 days prior to the race and on the morning of the race. For the first time in a long long time she walked into the alley like a Queen! My friends thought I was on a different horse. She is truly a different horse and her marish attitude is almost completely gone. Thanks to Focus we can continue to run and have fun doing it now! Thank You for your wonderful product…its amazing!

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