Thank you PEN for being a part of bring my horse back to health!

MagRestore rocks! Why? Because it was part of the protocol that got my EPSM horse back into full work. Long story short – my Irish Sport Horse and I have been eventing partners for over 10 years. In 2014, his body conditioned declined and staying in the canter was impossible for him. He struggled to depart then it was 4 beats. I could only work him for 20 minutes realizing he was so uncomfortable… but he wasn’t lame in the traditional sense (e.g. tendon/ligament/bone). I was considering retiring him…

I contacted Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center for help. Blood work showed elevated CK levels and many blood parameters where out of range. Muscle biopsy EPSM type 2 performed as well as genetic testing (EPSM type 1). Consulted with Dr. Valberg… result = both tests were negative. However, Dr. Valberg has a theory that there is a third type of EPSM that has not yet been identified. The protocol she prescribed was following the EPSM diet: low starch/high fat diet, L-Carnatine, adding Magnesium.

I did my research and found that MagRestore was the most bio-available and the addition of Malic acid is an added bonus for it’s ability to help remove toxins. Lastly, my horse is a picky eater and prefers pellets over powder. A win-win-win all around for him!

Within one month the change in him was astounding. Sounds too good to be true and I would have been suspicious it if I hadn’t seen it myself. My horse could canter again, with impulsion, a clear 3-beat gait. And he was willing to do more; he was happy again. I’ve been feeding him the MagRestore for a year now – AM and PM. He is fit, happy, able to work for 60 minutes easily. I truly believe that the majority of performance horses need additional Magnesium to support muscle function. I now think of “body soreness” very differently and look suggest to other horse owners to consider adding Magnesium (MagRestore) to their horses diet.

Thank you PEN for being a part of bring my horse back to health!

Sincerely – Lora (and Davey the ISH)


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