Thank you Performance Equine for having products that REALLY WORK!

I just purchased a bag of MagRestore for my barrel horse. He is cranky when you brush him and is always back sore. He will buck when you stand next to him and press on his back. After 2 days, he is pleasant to be around and no more trying to buck or kick when you check for back soreness. YAY! I can finally relax and brush my horse with out upsetting his world. Love this stuff! (so does Mouse)

I have been meaning to write to you for some time now. I just wanted to thank Performance Equine for the fine products, and you for your personal help and knowledge you have passed on to us. Our granddaughters, Cassie and Kylie Ward, are doing most of our competing now, and they have four horses on Performance Equine products.

We have some of the horses that are getting ready for the futurities on Flex EZ as a prevention. The girls have a sixteen year old roping horse that has been crippled for three years, they could not practice on him, and only ponied him to keep him in shape for the breakaway roping. We put him on Flex EZ, and now they are practicing on him and winning on him. We thought he was through, but thanks to Flex EZ he is good to go again. We also have a mare that was getting to anxious going in the alley, it was taking the run away from her, at your suggestion we put her on Focus and Magnesium. She is a perfect doll going in the arena now. I truly feel that your knowledge of horses and Performance Equine has made a tremendous difference in the way these horses perform. Thank you Performance Equine for having products that REALLY WORK!

Florence Youree, Cassie Ward, Kylie Ward

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