“Thank you” so much for Focus Equine!

My name is Traci Pratt from Axtell, TX and I just had to email you and tell you “Thank you” so much for Focus Equine! It really brought my mare back to me. It made her more trainable and helped her to really focus on her strenuous/exciting job of Barrel Racing. After just one week on Focus Equine, this mare was “settled” and it DID NOT slow her down! She continues to run 1D times. What it did do to her is that it helped her to be okay with being corrected at high speeds. Before, I could ask her to move over and she ignored me and she was not just a “cheater”, she just couldn’t concentrate or react quick enough while at a dead run. Well, Focus quine changed that. I have a video that I would like to share with you! There were times when she would come too close to a barrel and I would attempt to pick her shoulder up, but would not get a response. On Focus Equine, when I picked her up….she responded immediately!!! It is an awesome product and has changed what would be “no times” into CHECKS! Thank you Performance Equine!!! I will highly recommend this product!!

Happy trails and God Bless,

Traci Pratt

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