Thank you very much for a wonderful product.

Western Pleasure: I have used focus equine on an “edgy” mare. It works really, really well! I was VERY happy with the results. It took just that little bit of “edge” off where I could FINALLY get her to focus!! I’d literally ride her for 2 hours, she’d be dripping sweat and STILL wouldn’t give in to something that is so simple. I don’t keep her on it all the time anymore, just before shows. She was on it every day for about a month, then I took her down to every other day, then she just learned it was SO much easier to be good! She was always one I had to lunge for a good 20 minutes – 1/2 hour every time I rode her (and she is turned out at least 1/2 a day) but now I hardly ever lunge her, even in the cooler weather (so far!). I would highly, highly recommend the focus equine. My friend and I always order ours together and she calls and orders it. She says the people at the company are really nice and truly try to help you out. She has barrel racers – 2 – on it and she loves it as well. Hope you find something that works!

To Whom it may concern-
I just wanted to share my personal experience with your Show & Go supplement. I have been using this on my horses for many years and have always loved it. But until recently, I didn’t realize how much better this product is than anything else on the market.

On Feb. 20, 2009 I rescued a severely underweight 30 year old pregnant TB mare. She was immediately started on 2 scoops of Show & Go and Alfalfa. I have included pictures of her upon arrival on Feb 20 and her most recent picture on May 18, 2009. The pictures will speak for themselves. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.

Colleen Henderson~ A very faithful user

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