Thanks for your personal interest in me & Best.

“Best” is doing better, but she still “jumps” once in a while. I think a lot of the trouble is that I’m unable to ride as much as I used to & would still like to. I’m having hip joint problems which makes it painful to ride very long. I think she just needs to be ridden more & get out into the “real” world more. I am happy with the progress I’ve seen. The farrier was here just after the 7 day routine. I didn’t tell him I had her on the Focus Equine. I just wanted to see for myself the difference. I was really pleasantly surprised to see the difference. She never has been “bad” when getting her feet done, but she just seemed to be unable to stand perfectly still for any length of time. She stood like a “statue” the whole time. He said he really liked my horse when he was done. She’s come a loooong way. I’m going to continue using Focus Equine during the rest of the Summer & Fall. And then start back again in the Spring.
Thanks for your personal interest in me & Best. I feel like we’re old friends.


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