Thanks Performance Equine! I owe you big time!

REINING HORSE- My name is Rick Brown. I am an NRHA Non-Pro and I have bred, raised and trained quarter horses for over thirty years. I have had quite a successful career having won nearly $40k showing reining horses. I am currently showing a 5 yr old reining mare by the popular reining stallion “Who Whiz It”.

This mare is the sweetest, most forgiving horse I have ever trained. She placed forth in the NRHA Limited Non Pro reining futurity at the Quarter Horse Congress in 2008. However, as she matured, she started acting extremely spooky, was practically impossible to show and even tried to buck me off once in the warm up pen. It was like someone had taken my best horse and left me with one that was crazy.
Princess was always sore, all over – all the time.
There was a point when she was receiving weekly visits from the chiropractor, but they weren’t helping. She also received vet checks for her hocks and knees and they found nothing wrong. I was at my wits end.
I knew something was hurting her but I couldn’t figure out what it was. She wouldn’t depart into her leads softly, she didn’t want to go slow, the faster we went, the fast she wanted to go and the problem progressed.

This spring training began with hours of slow, methodical work. Princess was still stiff all over and wouldn’t quit chewing the bit, no matter how patient I tried to be or what I used in her mouth.

When I saw the ad for Focus Equine and Magnesium supplements, I was certain it was just another dead end but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call and find out about the products.
Within five days, I started to notice a difference in my mare! By the end of the second week, my sweet little horse was almost back to normal. She was fun to ride again. I am quite confident that I have finally figured out the solution to my mare’s problems and I have high expectations for the upcoming season.

Thanks Performance Equine! I owe you big time!
Rick Brown
Maple Grove Performance Quarter Horses

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