The benefits are obvious!

I switched my mare to MagRestore last June (2016) after seeing no real benefits from another popular magnesium supplement. She had kissing spine surgery in August and has been on 4 scoops of this wonderful stuff daily, not only because of her musculoskeletal challenges, but because of insulin resistance and temperament.

The benefits are obvious! This spring’s insulin resistance test yielded perfect numbers in contrast to last year’s and the fat pads have disappeared. I don’t doubt that MagRestore has also been instrumental in the ease with which she is using her muscles and plugging into the mental focus necessary to do so in a calm, relaxed manner.

I would be remiss were I to overlook Trish in this testimonial. From the start of our journey down the road through surgery and rehab, she has been on the other end of the phone offering genuine support and concern. When my mare returned from the clinic, Trish educated me about the value of magnesium oil, and promptly sent us some to rub on the area where the ligament had been snipped. Months later, when I broke into tears while placing an order when Trish asked how the patient was progressing, she spent many minutes brain-storming strategies in addition to Focus Equine to help convince my extremely opinionated alpha mare that she needed to accept lunging with side reins per doctor’s orders.

As you can see from the pictures that show her at only three months of consistent work under saddle since the surgery, Briomf is benefiting beautifully from MagRestore.

Maria P.

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