This formula is extremely effective.

Western Pleasure: Ty was better in all divisions,trail,western riding and pleasure. When I upped the dose before the second pleasure class he was awesome. This was a very long show, 5 days and he had at least two classes each day. By the 5th day he was not great in western riding…ran through the trainers legs for a moment but CAME back to her after that and did not get rattled. I think he may have been tired by then and just did not have any more rides in him. Overall, a huge improvement. If I can get that sort of response consistently in the pleasure, I would be as happy as possible. He gave me a flawless ride, listened to every cue and was soft and supple. I do not think he could have done anything better. I was still nervous because I do not trust him in the class but if this is a reproduce-able result I am sure that I will learn to trust him and relax. Thanks so much for this magic elixir. I probably will not show him again until July but if he’s like this again I will let you know. This formula is extremely effective.


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