This is only the beginning!

Sorry I took a while to write this! I had talked to Carla about my barrel horse having “Thumps” which is equine hiccups! I thought I was doing everything right! Thumps is usually a calcium, potassium and magnesium deficiency! I never thought he needed magnesium! But, that was exactly what he was lacking! He is absolutely a totally different horse! He no longer has thumps! He is feeling really good! We are running fastest times we have ever run in different arenas! Pulling checks and I am just so happy he’s feeling better! Carla is not only knowledgeable and sweet but she truly cares about your horses well being! She’s not trying to sell you a product she really cares! Everyone keeps asking what I’ve done different and I tell them to contact Carla! Thank you Carla for everything! You and your products are amazing! This is only the beginning! Sal Caruso and PM Handfull of Cash aka “Gambler”

Sal Caruso

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