Tina's MagRestore Story: I'm already telling other horse owners about this product!

I just wanted to send a quick report and a sincere thank you! Thank you for the long conversation with your team. I learned a lot in that discussion, and your passion and commitment are evident when you speak. 

I started all 3 of my horses on 2 scoops 2x per day. After just 2.5 days, I already see a huge difference in my mare, Rosie. She's the one I mentioned who is a brick house of a quarter horse - a real bodybuilder. She's the reason I got into bodywork. Anyway, 2.5 days in, and she can reach her head around to her stifle - probably for the first time in her life. I've had her since she was 3, and the most she has been able to come around with any biomechanical quality (not planing her head etc.) is somewhere between the back of her scapula and the middle of her belly. I haven't done anything else with her recently that would explain this dramatic difference in her besides start the MagRestore. So, when I saw that, I started palpating her all over, and her muscles feel notably softer (she still wasn't happy with being poked...yet). She is VERY sore in her back, so I'm hoping in time that will improve as well. Bodywork and chiropractic have helped temporarily, but I'm hoping loosening the muscles and THEN doing those therapies will be the ticket to lasting relief for her!

I haven't noted any differences in my two boys yet, but stay tuned - I hope I'll be back with amazing news on them as well!

Thank you again - I'm already telling other horse owners about this product!!

Tina, Maine

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