Wellllllllllll, IT REALLY WORKS!

In the late summer of 2014 I purchased a 4 year old mare. She had not been started correct and had may emotional issues but I knew that there was something about her that was special. I sent her right away to a trusted trainer and had her put some training on her. She did well in her training and after 3 months I brought her home. I am a barrel racer so that fall I decided I needed to get her out to see the sights and get seasoned in a new atmosphere & that is when I realized that we had BIG behavior issues. She was herd bound, nervous to the point of complete liquid diarrhea, pawing at the trailer, walking & jumping on top of me on the ground and then when it came time to get on her at these new places it was like sitting on a ticking time bomb! She hated being brushed or even touched. She would randomly explode into a rearing and bucking fit and then 10 min later acted like nothing ever happened. I tried every product out there known to man when it came to calmers (total waste of money) NOTHING worked! I contemplated selling her 1000 times worried she would hurt me but the one thing that held me back was my gut feeling & also when she entered into the arena she was a completely different horse she was all about business and was amazing. I always would say its just her age she will grow out of this, boy was I wrong. 2 years later she had an amazing barrel pattern and was ready to enter races but I was so untrusting of when the next explosion would happen I held her back to mature more. Fast forward to this year, I bought more useless calmers, changed her diet, endless vet checks and still random explosive behavior outside of the arena again was holding me back traveling to more barrel races and then I found this product. I called and spoke with Carla and we started the Mag-restore right away, I was skeptical at this point but I figured well its just one more thing I can say I tried 🙂 within 3 days I saw a change in her. She looked calmer and more relaxed when I would leave home to go ride and within 2 weeks on this she was a different horse. I then decided ok lets see if we can enter some races and see if this really works. Wellllllllllll, IT REALLY WORKS! No pawing at the trailer, no nervous diarrhea, stood still tacking up at the trailer, no feeling of explosive TNT under my saddle when I got on, no random explosions, no snorting like a fire breathing dragon and then it happened she went in for her barrel run and I let her go and she placed in the 2D. This is her first year now that I trusted her enough to let her actually run and that she did. I am truly amazed and so grateful that I found this product and I cannot explain how happy it makes me that now I know my mare is completely balanced nutritionally and was a poster child of having a bad magnesium deficiency. We have been competing consistently this summer and she just keeps getting better and better. She now wants me to love on her and now enjoys being groomed. Thru this summer her perfect dose is 2 scoops of Mag-Restore 2x a day and the Focus is added about a week before our races. This combo has been amazing for her. Now it is myself that has to learn to trust her again and if she does have a small melt down it is very small and is over within a few minutes. She is my amazing partner and I have put every ounce of training knowledge I have into her and I am so happy that I never let my fear of her overtake my determination and sell her. I am excited to see what our future together will bring and I will be a forever believer and customer of this amazing product.


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