Equine Magnesium Therapy

Signs that your horse may be magnesium deficient
  • Very tight, sore back not related to activity, fitness level or saddle fit
  • Horse never really relaxes
  • Cranky about being brushed or palpated especially over the back on either side of the spine
  • Cranky about being blanketed
  • History of tying up
  • Muscle tremors or all over trembling not related to outside temperature
  • Requires long periods of lunging before being able to focus on work
  • Does not tolerate work well and works up, not down
  • Bucks shortly after workout begins, seems fine at first then bucks or balks
  • Would be described as 'thin skinned' or hypersensitive to touch
  • Chiropractic adjustments, massage and body work do not have lasting effects
  • Has difficulty getting round or picking his back up under saddle, moves hollow
  • Difficulty focusing on work, poor work ethic
  • Can't be still, repetitive movement, weaving, pacing, head bobbing
Your horse may show multiple signs, either continuously, or only during times of stress or competition when magnesium requirements are highest.