About DVM Discounts


Pre-approved practicing vets are eligible to receive 20% off selected PEN products. To receive discounted pricing, vets must place an order consisting of at least $300 of eligible products, calculated after your discount has been applied. The order cannot include subscription discounts, loyalty points, shipping discounts, or any other offer.

For orders less than $300 please call our team for assistance or log out of your DVM account and place your order using a separate consumer account.

Resellers may not sell PEN products online.
You may resell PEN products at your practice and you may advertise them online, but please do not resell PEN products on your own website. Our team reserves the right to disable your discount if we find our products listed for sale on a competing website. 

Our team is here to support you, your practice, and your clients. Please reach out if you have questions about our DVM discount or products from Performance Equine Nutrition.