Manage your Subscriptions

We’re so grateful for your subscription! If your subscription order generates within a few days of a promotion, we’ll automatically apply the coupon to your upcoming shipment.  If your subscription renews outside of a promotion or you have a different coupon code, you’ll need to log in and apply the coupon to your upcoming order. 


It’s easy to pause, edit, and add coupons in our subscription portal. Here’s how to add a coupon to your next subscription shipment. Be sure to register for PEN’s email updates to learn about the latest coupons and savings for your subscription shipments. 

 screenshot account page
To edit your subscription, find the subscription you would like to update on your customer account page. Click on the subscription number to change your upcoming order.

 subscriptions detail

Find the “edit” button beside your order information. Click “edit” to make changes to your upcoming shipment.

 subscriptions coupon

If there is a coupon already applied to your next shipment, you’ll need to remove it before you can add a new coupon code. Only one coupon is allowed per shipment. Add your coupon in the field under the order information.

 be sure to save your subscription

Be sure to save your changes! Scroll to the bottom of the page, agree to your subscription, and confirm your changes. 


Thank you for your PEN subscription! Be sure to look for our emails to learn about new coupons and more ways to save on your subscription shipments.

If you are having trouble adding a coupon to your upcoming subscription shipment, contact us: our team is happy to help.