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It's important to recognize that the mind and the body are connected. Some horses are just more busy minded and lack the confidence they need to perform. Therefore, they are harder to train and show. These horses can have a higher magnesium requirement than a horse that is naturally calm and takes things in stride. Now add in hauling, physical exertion, and showing: it's easy to see how a horse can develop a magnesium shortfall.

Symptoms of a magnesium shortfall:

  • skin sensitivity
  • chronically sore back (not related to saddle fit)
  • hard muscles
  • muscle tremors
  • twitching
  • head shaking

Instead of getting better with age, experience, and training, these horses get worse. A horse that is usually kind and quiet may develop low magnesium towards the end of a strenuous show season and may begin to exhibit behaviors that are out of character.

Supplementing with MagRestore® addresses the physical symptoms of a shortfall such as skin sensitivity, chronically sore back (not related to saddle fit) hard muscles, muscle tremor, twitching, and head shaking. (See list of magnesium deficiency signs)

When a horse has been coping with low magnesium for some time, it can develop a negative association to work, people, the trailer, baths, saddling, brushing, etc. They will often start to refuse to work and become difficult to train. That is mental and Focus helps in this area. They often work up instead of down. They are now in a cycle that is hard to break unless we help.

How our Focus / MagRestore Combo can help:

  • Low magnesium creates mental anxiety.
  • Anxiety and fear release adrenaline which rapidly depletes available magnesium.
  • This becomes a vicious cycle.
  • Focus quiets a busy, fearful, anxious mind, reducing the body's need to release adrenaline.
  • It also addresses the bad mental habits that have now become part of the horse's daily behavior.
  • Magnesium addresses the physical symptoms that started the whole cycle.

Soon, the horse begins to feel better physically and mentally. Coping with everyday events becomes easier for your horse.

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